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Hate Mail

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From: jrp      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
hey mother fucker do this shit again and i'm going to find you and fuck you up. you guys are a bunch of fuckin' pussies. come around again and your going to be layed out.

Hah.. ok.. I'll do my best not to come around where ever it is you live and do whatever it is I did again. Thanks for the warning.. I wouldn't want to be walking down the street one day and get "layed" out unexpectedly. I wouldn't mind some guy giving me money unexpectedly but getting "layed" out.. I don't know, it's just not the same. Plus I don't really walk around all that much, I mostly drive so I guess you'd have to lay out my whole car. Although that would be tough (unless you turn green when you get angry) so you'd probably need a few friends to lay out my car. But I'm guessing you don't have many friends so laying out my car probably won't be happening either. I know, how about you just stick to threatening to lay people out over the Internet? You could make a "people I "layed" out" website and maybe have some music playing in the background of the page. Yea, so you do that and I'm gonna go. Let me know when jrp's people I "layed" out page is up.
Posted by: Trooper

From: BUMoNaLog55@aol.com      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 3 (Read/Post)
can i ask you somethin? HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE CARS ARE RICE?! MAYBE THEY ARE JUST PUTTING SHIT ON IT, THEN UPGRADING THE PERFORMANCE A LITTLE LATER. next time you put up ur idea of a rice car, make sure you go and check that car out after about 2 months and be jealous of those phat cars that you wish you could have, but instead u drag around ur fuckin beat up '97 altima. sucks for you, i mean jeez, didnt ur parents raise you right? or did ur dad rape you every night in ur fuckin ear? well im gonna go, i hope you learn a lesson fag.

By a little later are we talking 5 years when someone else owns the car or just never? Let's say after 2 months they do put in some performance parts (like blue sparkplug wires for example), I'd be hard pressed to say I'm jealous of a not so fast clown car but to each his own.
As for my car, if you read the site at all you'd know I own an '86 Tempo that's on blocks in my backyard surrounded by weeds. It doesn't drive too well but it looks saaaaaaaaaa-weet.
By the way, nice touch at the end with that whole ear thing.. you're either a creative or unlucky.. I'm going to go ahead and assume you're just unlucky.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Sharon Pfiffner      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 18 (Read/Post)
i have a 95 eclipse that was ticketed by some pos. officers name being bitchcrotch and telling by the name of this fucking fagget cant tell there head from ass .whats wrong with altezzas? oh i guess there not stock mustang taillights !i was ticketed 4 wheels worth more than car which is bull shit there only a quarter of its vaule!AND THE WING SERVES A PURPOSE,IT HOLDS THE TRUNK LID DOWN AT HIGH SPEEDS ,AND BLOCKS THE VIEW OF UGLY PEOPLE LIKE YOU FROM BEIND SEEN IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR!

Well there you have it, straight from the horses mouth. The wings ricers use are for holding the trunk lid down at high speeds and making sure they don't see what's going on behind their cars. I guess they aren't completely useless after all. Thanks for clearing that up Sharon!
Posted by: Trooper

From: loz corteil      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 31 (Read/Post)
UR Site is Pretty Shame Full u obviously dont own a car and realise that these people with these cars have put a lot of time and money in to there cars. it cost alot more to modifie a car than ur crappy little site using a cheap 100 quid package from jungle.com When our Cars Can top up to 100,000 quid so grow up US MAX HEADS RULE THE ROAD NETWORK Remember that What Gets u 2 work A Car!!!! Oh Yea I forgot u dont own 1 do u ride a push bike with a bell u panzy

Yours Faith fully

Lozzer Member of the gasto terrorist squad

This guy is either drunk or incredibly stupid. Either way this email gave me a good laugh.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Phdnlove@aol.com      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 21 (Read/Post)
hi ... nice site ... no not really ... who the fuck r you fucking shit eating cock suckers 2 b going around and judging peoples cars and what they do 2 them????? huh. you fucking bunch of bitches?????????????? why don't you try approaching the person while they are in there cars????? oh that's probably because your taking the pictures from your moms mini vans ... is that true? you gutless fucking pricks!!! oh but i bet you think IM mad because i got a "ricecop" ticket?? no sorry 2 hurt your feelings faggots but i never got one of your "tickets" but hey i don't drive my moms van like you homos ... posted up in your little tiny house all fucking each other in the ass. Its all good. Its all love and you have no life ... thank you have a very nice day...
from THE ONE

Thanks for the compliment.. ohhhh.. damn, you got me! You had me going up until the "no no really" part. That was smooooooth. Anyway, my mom has an ASTROvan.. It's not just a minivan, it's an ASTROvan. That means the van has something to do with outer-space. Can you say that about your Huffy? Yea, that's what I thought. One more thing, you can "post" up in your tiny house and do whatever the hell you want to do but don't make the mistake of assuming that your hobbies are the same as everyone elses. Oh yea, almost forgot.. nice zinger at the end there. RICE "BITCH ASS" COPS. That is comedy GOLD. Here's a cookie, you deserve one.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Maritza      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 188 (Read/Post)
I just got a ticket from you cuntface motherfuckers. My 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse
If you put my car on your fucking website you better believe ima fucking sue you motherfuckers.
Stop ragging on fucking imports i like domestic cars too but some cars would smoke your piece of shit mustangs. So stop fucking talking about them.

Ok first off, I don't have a Mustang. I *do* have a Mercury Topaz out back that's on blocks and surrounded by weeds. There's also a pile of old tires about 10 feet to the left of my Topaz. Now that we have that all cleared up I'd like to respond to the remainder of your email.. Ahem.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think that about covers it, thanks for writing in sparky.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Jennifer Heller      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
Where did you losers come from.You put a ticket on my car. Well i think you all suck dick, and fuck your mothers. if i see any more tickets on my car you's are dead

Short, sweet, and to the point. Well let me answer your question. We's came from NY state.. well I did. I can't really speak for the rest of the people's on the site but I feel safe saying they all's came from a city. I also have to give you props on that ultra-imaginative insult. Did we just bust open the elementary school book of insults there? Although, anyone that uses a nonexistent word like "you's" probably hit their intellectual peak just before dropping out of fourth grade. Lesson to be learned from all this? What's fresh and new in fourth grade ceases to be fresh and new 10 years later. Got it? Good. Here's a cookie.
Posted by: Trooper

From: PeggysueLockaby@aol.com      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 82 (Read/Post)
I think u FUCKING ricecops are just jealous cause your fucking hillbilly big ass pickup trucks and cars that are slow as hell. Most of these cars run faster than camarhos and ruststangs like the new focus hitting 7.2@172 mph. That explains why they made a movie about rice instead of fucking gay ass hillbilly rides like u guys cause u dont have a life except to get jealous over something fast that u can't have. later hillbillys


Do you even read what you type? If you did you'd realize how damn stupid you are.
Posted by: Trooper

From: ProjectAI@aol.com      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 15 (Read/Post)
yes, i was wondering, if ur are asian? for those who claim that they are part of the rice cop and fgo around and accuse people for not fixing up their car correctly, i dun mind, but to claim that ur a rice cop, first of all, are u asian? because if u are not, its really ashame that u go around and claim u all. especially for the white folks that live in my town who think they are asian and have asian writing on their cars, even though dun dun know half the meaning of those words. it really make ur self look stupid. espcially calling urself rice cop. why dun u just call ur self du ma cop. thanks for ur comments. i'll make sure for those white folks in my town will have a piece the viet pride..

For the 139403490234th time, this site and the term rice as pertaining to a car is not racist term. It simply refers to the way a person (ANY person) modifies their car. Now that we cleared that up, let's get to you. You are in dire need of some writing classes. This has to be one of the most poorly constructed emails I've ever received. Do you just make up your own words? Is this ProjectAI-English? Perhaps an Asian offshoot of ebonics? Your coworkers must need a jug of aspirin each day after racking their brains trying to understand the gibberish coming out of your mouth. So do us all a favor and stay away from a keyboard so the migraine inducing communication that comes from your direction remains in your local area.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Da Raven      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 21 (Read/Post)
Aye dickhead, you know wat. I'm not angry at wat you think looks stupid. But why you gotta call tha people who do this ricers. You say it ain't racist but it is, 'cause tha term rice rocket and rice burner refers to tha fact that azn kids made this scene happen and that their heritage they eat rice as a staple of food. Fucken racist shit. I'm all for imports, i dun agree w/ tha show aspect like you do, but calling it rice no matter wat you say is racist garbage, its like calling mexican people beaners and white people gritboys. Maybe you should also reply to some of these emails instead of putting your stupid lil comments on the bottom, go ahead post mine. Its easy to talk shit about someone's opinion hiding behind a computer and having time to pick apart tha details of incorect spelling and grammer. So come on, reply, put a clever comment on the bottom. Don't matter you're still a raicst fuck. Fuck domestic cars. Imports fucken kickass american lowtech ass. my crx could kick any mustang, camero, for half tha price. Peace man. and learn to shut your mouth some people just don't need your opinion.

Hi, welcome to English 101, basic spelling and grammar (you made it too easy Raven, I had to say it). This email is about 1 step away from becoming a completely new language so I feel lucky that you've emailed me while you're still able to communicate with us regular people. But even with your advanced language you still seem to be a bit confused. You call all American cars low-tech yet you drive a CRX. Are you implying that a CRX is high-tech?

On a separate note, you're right, it is easy to goof on the emails I get. People like you make it easy enough for a brain-dead chimpanzee to goof on them.

Gritboy/Honkie/Cracker Trooper signing off.
Posted by: Trooper

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