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Hate Mail

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From: Anonymous Coward      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 2 (Read/Post)
Get a life "ricecop" your probably some 40 yr. old wrinkled-up old man that has cum stains on his keyboard!why dont you find something better to do than talk about imports!just cause you cant drive em' why you talking about em'(JEALOUS)??? yep you sure are.Try talking about those 4"high rearended camaros or "RUSTangz" with their engines sticking out of the hoodz and big ol' tires on the back EWWW!oh yeah in case u havent figured it out im a so-called ricer!not a redneck racer.DID I MENTION GET A LIFE? have a nice day :)

The 40 yr. old thing, almost funny, keep trying. Now let's get the jealousy thing out of the way right now. NOBODY is jealous of your $17k Civic Si. Jealous of a guy in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or any car outside the realm of affordability? Yes. I don't think it's possible to be jealous of a Japanese economy car no matter how large the wing is. Does it make you feel bad that those 4"high rearended camaros or "RUSTangz" would annihilate you in a race? I suppose a big bookshelf wing, 40lbs. of vinyl tape, a few racing decals, and a giant exhaust tip look better then an engine sticking out of the hood? At least the "RUSTangz" and camaros have the HP to back up the looks. So keep saving for that new exhaust tip, it should add at least 30HP, then you'll be right up there with a stock "RUSTang".
Posted by: Trooper

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