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Hate Mail

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From: krita24      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
there is only one thing we really want to say is fuck off, what you remind me of is 80 year old gay fagots who don't even have a car and can't stand the fact that these people actually did something productive with there time than sitting around making a site as stupid as this one my god you must sit at your computer that is a million years old jacking off to the site of these sweet cars.

if you would like to contact me


Wow! You actually know 80 year old gay faggots who don't even have a car and can't stand the fact that some people actually did something productive with their time other than sitting around making a site as stupid as this one?
As for my computer, it may be a million years old but I happen to enjoy updating this site by chiseling binary code on stone tablets.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Carol Norton      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
you are such a fag

Thanks Carol! I love you too!
Posted by: Trooper

From: Dennis Atkinson      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
Why don't you chevy celebrity driving, levi jean jacket wearing, homo's go back out to the driveway and put the cat litter back on the driveway to soak up the oil from that p.o.s. I bet the reason you started this site is because you were denied credit for the HONDA you wanted to get when EURO'S were getting famous. So you had to go to J.D. Buy Rider and settle for the '84 celeb. So why don't you sit down and braid that mullet and rewind Joe Dirt and watch it again "DANG"

First off my '84 celeb doesn't leak oil, it just sits on blocks surrounded by weeds in my back yard. But enough about my mAd tYtE '84 celeb, that topic has been beaten to death. Now then, you seem to know a lot more about the redneck life style then I do which leads me to make a few conclusions. I believe that at some point in the not too distant past you actually were what you described above. Then one day during a Hee-haw marathon you realized the error of your ways and decided to distance yourself from that lifestyle. First step? Get rid of the '84 celeb and pick up a Honda so you can make it mAd tYtE! Now I realize you're proud of your mAd tYtE Honda since you have to work a lot of extra hours at McDonald's to afford the car payments. That's completely understandable, I mean if I had to give 90% of my monthly income for something I'd convince myself I was proud of it too. Where am I going with this? Well I'd tell you but the commercials just ended and Hee-haw is starting, gotta go.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Thomas Aguglia      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
u dumb stupid fuck your lucky i didn't see u ticketing my car cause i would have your balls in a jar. Do not ever let me catch you by my car or else u will be hung from your front door while i ring your doorbell so your parents can see there dead son hanging in front of them. yours truly BERRETTA '96

One word: Risperdal.
Posted by: Trooper

From: SK8PETE@aol.com      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
notice how these men you insult dont waste there time making sites about you? ever thing its cuz they're getting laid right now...hmm "ricers" are a little more open minded than you, why dont you respect a vehicle for being built well? p.s. i owned a camaro for 4 years it was a piece of shit like every other one on the road why you think camaros and firebirds are out of production next .....you fuckin herb lol

Believe it or not, the thought that these guys might be getting laid rather then dedicating a site to me never crossed my mind. I guess I just found it too preposterous to even consider. As for ricers being more open minded then myself, what are you implying? That they play for both teams? You really shouldn't assume that everyone leads the same life style as you do.... you stupid plant! LOL!!!LOL!!!!ROFL!!! Oh man, sometimes when I come up with zinger's like that I can't help but crack myself up.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Kevin Hood      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
Most cars you have in here are nice You've takin hate towards people that like to do shit to there cars. People keep goin, WINGS or whatever!!! To the peson that owns this site, keep your FORD TEMPO with the 350 powerplant in the garage cause my 11 second 1993 CIVIC HB that is NOT done to shit (except for motor!!) will kick its ASS!!! and dont waste my time or yours writtin me back...

I've taken hate towards people? How does that work? Even if you replace the word "hate" that still makes no sense.. "You've takin Mountain Dew towards people", "You've takin spider monkeys towards people".. Oh well, I'm not going to try and understand, I have to go put my Tempo in the garage anyway.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Sean Beck      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
you sad fucking little cunt's have nothing better to than annoy people with great cars, don't you have a life where you actually have a purpose or do you just live with your parents and have no friends and just wank over your mum when she's in the shower, well people with mods on thier cars don't so maybe that's why you are so fucking sad.

So what you're saying is that anyone without mods on their cars just wanks over their mum's when their mum's are in the shower. Hmm.. I bet there was a time when you didn't have mods on your car which would put you in the wanking over your mum club with all the other modless guys. In fact, I bet there was a time when you didn't even have a car. I don't want to even imagine what you were doing then if you would wank over you mum just because your car had no mods.
Posted by: Trooper

From: HarryBaIIzanya@aol.com      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
hey fag dick sucker,
pretty funny site u got there man. i got a ride ya mite wanna put up on the site! its my phat ass crx wit ya fat ass mom in da back seat! u think its cool to make fun of hondas well u never drove one i can tell u that. if u drove mine u probly piss ya pants. its got intake and headers wit no exhaust at all. da bitch is loud an fast as shit. ya mom got a nice intake 2, she show it 2 me in da back seat all day when u at skool. den she takes my shift nob and i teach her how 2 drive a stick. she drive it reel good now, she suck my nob all day. den my cars fast as shit so i take her home after i bang her ass so she at home when u get back from ya fag skool. an yeah i got a phat ass body kit an wing an stickers, dats how i get laid at least 3 times a week, an dat aint even countin ya mom. girls love my car but u dont no about dat, all u no is how 2 pick up ya dick wit ya hand. u just some gay ass dat cant afford 2 hook up ya ride, go bang ya mom.

You know you have a problem when a garden hose can put together a better email then you can. This guy has a problem.
Posted by: Trooper

From: relil deff      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 6 (Read/Post)
Hey! You stupid!
Most of cars you judged as ricer are great looking cars. I personaly think that it:s much better to drive something looking funnky than stock looking samy boring cars!
I bet what you dirve is old american muscle that looks exactely same as every others! Boring! Your car is very very boring!!
Backing up of big wing, it has function.(I hope you said all those shit as you knew they have function) If you didn:t know, you should shame on yourself... Have you heard of aerodynamics? Well since my Englishis fucked up, I don:t wanna try to explain it in English...but hey! it has something to do with air(Iknow how, just can not express how it works in English!)and the as result, you get a little more horse and traction. Don:t even start with me how it can gain HP. Do your homework if you have no idea why.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will change your mind about ricers.
My definition of ricers is this Ricer=extremly looking funnky and cool cars that you are jelous of...
Be sorry for your car, and do not try to make fun of others just because you can:t find life.
Oh! And I realize one big thing just right now!!!
Those ricers(cool car owners)are usually one woth hot chicks! I always see your kinda guy driving alone with stupid exhaust sound...
Jesus...sorry man. You will find some woman for yourself someday. So don:t worry! Bye!

OK, where should I begin? Let's just hit the high points of this email. In the beginning you've got the standard "your car sucks, my car rules" thing along with a bunch of assumptions about me going on, nothing particularly interesting. But right after that is where things get interesting. So big wings have a function (other then looking stupid) according to this guy. I'm sure some of them do (Super Touring Cars for example) but I don't think most of the ones you see on this site have seen extensive wind tunnel testing not to mention that most of these ricer wings dwarf those of actual race cars. But then.. THEN this email goes way off the deep end. Folks, relil here is telling us that big wings add horse power, yes, a big plastic thing on your trunk somehow manages to effect engine performance. Unfortunately he doesn't speak English well or he would grace us with an explanation of how this marvel of physics is pulled off. If that wings add horsepower statement isn't the greatest example of stereotypical riceboy mentality I don't know what is.
The email concludes with standard hate mail fare stating I'm jealous, riceboys get all the girls, etc. Kind of a let down after almost learning the secret of how wings add horsepower.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Stephen E. Jones      Posted On: 6-10-2004 Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
to the people of ricecop you are bracking many laws one is toughing someones car. I'm a cop for oakland p.d and I will tell you if i eaver see any of you fake ass think your a cop ass on my beat you will be going to jaill.IT is not funny what your doing it is very rude for you to think you have the right to pass judgment on someones car or on their lifesyal as a person. you are a racest and you need to learn some fucking maners and I will tell you if your ass even steps foot in oakland you will learn maners very quikley just remember what I have told you and don't let me see your ugly ass in my city

Well the first thing that tipped me off that this probably wasn't from a real police officer was well.. the whole email. I'm positive police officers have to have good reading and writing skills among other things and looking at that above email it just doesn't quite strike me as being well written.
This email also gives the impression that Steve's beat is the entire city of Oakland.. that's a lot of ground for one guy to cover. My guess is that Steve's real beat is his backyard and somebody with an IQ above oh, let's say 30, told him that the backyard was in Oakland. Our main man Steve, who was blessed with the mental capacity of a broken wood chipper, understood that as "Hey, my backyard is Oakland!". So as tempting as the jungle gym may be my suggestion to everybody is to stay out of Steve's backyard or "you will learn maners very quikley!".
Posted by: Trooper

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