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From: ProjectAI@aol.com      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:42:21 Comments: 15 (Read/Post)
yes, i was wondering, if ur are asian? for those who claim that they are part of the rice cop and fgo around and accuse people for not fixing up their car correctly, i dun mind, but to claim that ur a rice cop, first of all, are u asian? because if u are not, its really ashame that u go around and claim u all. especially for the white folks that live in my town who think they are asian and have asian writing on their cars, even though dun dun know half the meaning of those words. it really make ur self look stupid. espcially calling urself rice cop. why dun u just call ur self du ma cop. thanks for ur comments. i'll make sure for those white folks in my town will have a piece the viet pride..

For the 139403490234th time, this site and the term rice as pertaining to a car is not racist term. It simply refers to the way a person (ANY person) modifies their car. Now that we cleared that up, let's get to you. You are in dire need of some writing classes. This has to be one of the most poorly constructed emails I've ever received. Do you just make up your own words? Is this ProjectAI-English? Perhaps an Asian offshoot of ebonics? Your coworkers must need a jug of aspirin each day after racking their brains trying to understand the gibberish coming out of your mouth. So do us all a favor and stay away from a keyboard so the migraine inducing communication that comes from your direction remains in your local area.
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 4-16-2002 @ 02:47:27 AM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
No, Mr. Wizard, I, Mad Max, do not personally happen to be Asian. And I think that Asians who participate in riceism and claim that it's some sort of Asian cultural statement are making your race look brain-damaged. I am not Asian, and have never claimed to be. And I would comment further on your letter, but I couldn't get enough of a coherent point out of it to comment intelligently, so I'll sign off here.

#2 4-16-2002 @ 03:15:59 AM
Posted By: OldSchoolSpeed Reply | Edit | Del
All i can think of to say is that this represents the Charlie mentality as well as the rice mentality. i am japanese. i have a 67 mustang. could you ever get me to drive anything else? no. do i know how to spell? i like to think so. I also pride myself on leaving coherent messages that non Charlies can read and understand. man i hate charlies. i know gabe will back me up on this...in my opinion being a Charlie is nothing to be proud of. mmmm...racial undertones...

[Edited by OldSchoolSpeed on 4-16-2002 @ 03:16:14 AM]

#3 4-16-2002 @ 04:47:06 AM
Posted By: Jesuz Reply | Edit | Del
80% of chinese charters on ricemobile are meaningless

[Edited by Jesuz on 4-16-2002 @ 05:05:04 AM]

#4 4-16-2002 @ 01:56:55 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
I do believe you mean characters, Mr. Jesuz sir...

#5 4-16-2002 @ 04:14:13 PM
Posted By: lexprod Reply | Edit | Del
This is the United States of America, if you are not going to take the time to properly learn, speak and type the language get the fuck out.

#6 4-16-2002 @ 05:06:34 PM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Who are you talking about, ProjectAI (hell, he NEEDS some artificial intelligence, he got hosed when they were handing out the natural kind) or Jesuz? ;-)

#7 4-16-2002 @ 05:46:33 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
Where do i begin whith this one "dun" WTF is that. Do were think were are Asian i myself was born in America so i consider myself to be American. If my parents were Chinese and i was born in America i would also be an American. Now for you name WTF again dude ProjectAI you can't fuckin spell dumbass so yes you are need of Aritificial Intelligence! dip shit

#8 4-16-2002 @ 07:28:08 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
I think "dun" is supposed to be "don't". Or something. In anycase, he'll probably reply calling Troop a racist again because he mentioned "aspirin" in his reply, and that's a word that starts with "a" and ends with "n" just like "asian", so he's obviously a racist...damn people are stupid.

#9 4-17-2002 @ 01:46:13 AM
Posted By: Jesuz Reply | Edit | Del

#10 4-20-2002 @ 06:11:03 PM
Posted By: devious Reply | Edit | Del
To ProjectAI- Please keepa ry cop comment to idiotic self. Sank you.

[Edited by devious on 4-20-2002 @ 06:16:26 PM]

#11 4-21-2002 @ 01:07:42 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Shrim Fry Ry, FIVE TWENTY NINE!!!! What a bargain!

(Anybody ever listened to that Eddie Murphy stand up act?)

#12 4-23-2002 @ 10:40:49 PM
Posted By: Foxy00SS Reply | Edit | Del
I wonder if we'd be able to understand him if he were in front of us saying any of that..........also, he said he DIDN'T mind that people went around accusing people of not fixing up their rides correctly....Well thank you VERY much for your approval. Like it would really matter if you DID mind.....I think that was the only part of his letter I understood, so I can't comment on the rest....

#13 4-24-2002 @ 11:03:24 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
To paraphrase the Simpsons, "If I puked in a fountain pen and mailed it to the monkey house, I'd still get better hate mail than this"

#14 7-23-2002 @ 11:34:25 PM
Posted By: 8ate8 Reply | Edit | Del
me chants "du ma. du ma. du ma."

old skool ricecop at it's best :)

#15 8-19-2003 @ 01:03:30 PM
Posted By: OldSchoolSpeed Reply | Edit | Del
this reminds me of a guy i knew in highschool...he got a tattoo of a chinese character that supposedly meant "love" or "peace" or something queer like that. turned out the tattoo was what the chinese mob got for themselves when one of their members died. dude was pretty much the defination of white surburbian american...i think he ended up getting the tatt covered up.

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