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Hate Mail

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From: Crawford Family      Posted On: 6-21-2004 Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
Hey buddy wat is your problem with jap cars??? Since your hassling the shit out of import cars wat do u think is better than them?? Some piece of shit chev V8 yank tank!!!! Gees wat is your problem wif them!!!! They look better than some chev convertible going down the street bouncing up down to the bass, wif that suspension that makes it bounce. Fuck thats gay!!!! And wats up wif the name Trooper? R u some cop or a wana be cop. U must spend all day finding the cars to put on your crap site let alone trying to come up wif some come backs to these e-mails. Is your dad a cop or r you his fat son Ralph. Your just taking the shit out of the cars cause they r to x-pensive 4 u or u cant get into them cause your FAT!!! You fat basterd if u hate the cars so much y dont u make a page wif the fucken cars u like!!!! let alone wif the ones u own!!!! Dip Shit!!! Make up a fucken come back too this u fat shit!!!!!

Hey buddy, what's your problem with concepts like grammar, spelling, and logic? To answer your question, I don't have a problem "wif" Japanese cars. If you actually took more than 2 minutes to look at the site "wif" your eyes you'd see plenty of domestics on here.

"They look better than some chev convertible going down the street bouncing up down to the bass, wif that suspension that makes it bounce". This sentence is just amazing.

My response to the rest of your email.. Actually my response to your entire email is available here.
Posted by: Trooper

From: jose paz      Posted On: 6-21-2004 Comments: 13 (Read/Post)
dear fag bitch homo queer,

you r a fucking loser with noting to do but beat-off in ur 1977 el camino and hope that u won' get burned by a sweet ride if i ever catch any of ur wuss ass tickets on my car ur as is grass and i will smoke it,no to mention any part on ur rustang,whorvette,camarho,or wiper isn't probably worth the time and effort put in to tricking out a beautiful efficient peice of machinery.

First off, mAd tYt3 pr0ps on the email intro, very creative. I also like the "ur as is grass and I will smoke it" although I like "YOUR ASS IS GRASS AND I'M THE LAWN MOWER!!!" better. You claim "it isn't probably worth the time and effort" to trick out a part, just one part of one of the cars you mentioned. But why should we believe this from someone who obviously put NO time and NO effort into his basic communication skills?
Posted by: Trooper

From: ExCxFxU99@aol.com      Posted On: 6-19-2004 Comments: 2 (Read/Post)
Congratulations on an absolutely worthless web page. You must have a lot of time on you hands to come up with that stupid ass shit. You make fun of all these cars, or "ticket" them but I bet more than half of them are worth more than the piece of shit that you drive. Oh and I love how American cars are rice. So just go into your closet and hang yourself, Because your WORTHLESS.

Ok, maybe monetarily these cars are worth more then my Ford Tempo that's on blocks and surrounded by weeds in the backyard BUT are you taking into account emotional value? That Tempo means the world to me, I mean.. without it what would I have to put in my backyard? An old tire perhaps? Sure, the tire would be nice but it just really wouldn't be the same. Not to mention the aesthetic impact of the backyard would be reduced dramatically if I were to replace the Tempo with a tire.
Posted by: Trooper

From: william bailey      Posted On: 6-19-2004 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
I think your site ricecop.com is stupid! And I would not recommend anyone going to it.
Reason: You shouldnt crack on someones car just because the way it looks. people are going to fix there car up with what they like not someone else.

So I can count on you and your friends not coming back to the site? I fail to see any negatives there.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Aj Mason      Posted On: 6-19-2004 Comments: 22 (Read/Post)
ok ok first of all your site sux, i mean y'all think u are big and bad with your v8 peice of shit cars, all i have to say is come down to atlanta and i will kick the shit out of any of your v8's with my 3.0 twin turbo supra, after i beat all your shit cars u can then give up that shit site because u will know v8's suck!!!


OK ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok.. I can't believe you actually wrote y'all. Big fan of the country music channel? But seriously, I'm glad you took the time away from working on your groundbreaking quantum physics theories to write in. It's not often that we get someone of your incomprehensible intellect to write in to this site. You've presented a compelling argument here, let me summarize it for the people who may have had trouble understanding it in your scientific explanation above. Aj's argument: V8's suck. Did I miss anything there? I think I got it all but I'm not always that quick to catch on so if I missed any details please let me know. I don't see how someone could argue with a well thought out argument like that so I won't even try.

Oh yea, if any of you guys are ever in Atlanta look Aj up. I'm sure there's only one Aj Mason in the insane asylum.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Ijr@aol.com      Posted On: 6-19-2004 Comments: 3 (Read/Post)
u stupid scum bag u r a pig and i fucked the shit out of your mom ok bye


My response: "You arre a dumbhEad!!! AHAHHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!"
Posted by: Trooper

From: Rodney Bellamy      Posted On: 6-18-2004 Comments: 3 (Read/Post)
All you dumbass rednecks can kiss my ricerocket's ass. I hope I see one of you on the road so you can see my car's back end, because thats all your going to see.

That must be some back end! But why would that be the only thing we would see? Do you have some sort of cloaking technology? Don't bother answering because I already know about you and your car.. I used the vast resources of Ricecop to look into some things.. Here's what I came up with:

The first thing we dug up was a picture of Rodney's car. Now I see why we'll only see the back end, the rest of the car IS invisible.

So you're probably wondering "Hey, what kind of person can get his hands on cloaking technology?". Well I knew you would be wondering that so I of course captured a picture of the man himself. Now it's not quite clear what is going on here but I believe Rodney is mowing the lawn. Oddly enough his backyard looks a lot like the forest from the movie Predator but honestly whose backyard doesn't look like that?

Ok, so that wasn't exactly the best picture since Rodney was invisible in it. He was probably going to go for a drive after mowing the lawn so decided to make himself invisible. Why does he have to be invisible to drive you ask? Well, first off, look at the wing on that car, that's reason enough. But I believe the main reason is that since a majority of the car is invisible he would look pretty stupid just sitting in mid-air at an intersection. It's kind of like wonder woman and her invisible jet, you just see a random flying woman in a sitting position. While there is some shock value to be had there it just undermines the whole point of having an invisible vehicle and it looks stupid on top of that.

Our next item is an artist rendition of what Rodney actually looks like when he's not invisible. There were a few creative liberties taken with this picture but I feel that it's a pretty accurate representation of Rodney.

I think the reason he uses his personal cloaking device so often has become pretty obvious. There is another reason he prefers invisibility though. He's wanted by elite commando's! Yes, you heard me right. Seems Rodney has been up to no good in a serious way so now he has the guy pictured below looking for him.

Yea, Rodney's definitely not in a good situation but amazingly enough he found the time to write in between mowing the lawn and being chased by commando's so for that I say thank you Rodney.. and good luck with the commandos.
Posted by: Trooper

From: IvErSoN3UTAH@aol.com      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
i think you are a complete COMPLETE moron. What kind of person goes to New Jersey, Miami Florida, and California to critize cars. Look at your car i'm sure not 100% of the population thinks it's a freakin dream car. You are the biggest mooch i've ever seen you think you are so funny yeah i'd like to see you tell those people who own those car right to there faces i'm sure your face will be just a little flatter.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually travel the United States in my Ricecop jet wandering around cities giving tickets to winners like yourself. Hold on a sec.. ok, back. I went to take a look at my car, the ol' 84 rusted out Tempo on blocks in my backyard surrounded by weeds. I think you'd agree that 100% of the population would give their left arms to own a saaaaaaa-weet ride like that. Anyway, I want a Mt. Dew with my sub, large please.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Inspdsg56@aol.com      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
Just what in the fuck do you think that you are.
You do know how to piss people off.
You are full of shit. Do not come around my car. I have contacted the OPD.
Thay are aware if what you are up to out there on the city streets.
Fuck off

I think I'm a human being. In fact I'm pretty positive that I am. So you think I know how to piss people off? I wouldn't say that. I do know how to piss off morons like you with no sense of humor so I suppose your statement is somewhat accurate. Also, don't worry, I won't go near your car where ever it is you live and I'm happy to know the OPD is aware of my activities in a place I've never been to. By the way, I've contacted the Zimbabwe authorities and now they know what you're up to!
Posted by: Trooper

From: EclipsexGST99@aol.com      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 13 (Read/Post)
I've visited your site and it makes me wonder- how can you sit there and make fun of us with really nice cars that we put time and money into, when your sitting at home spending obviously wasteful hours and hours making some gay website? I mean come on you even have your own email address (riceboy.com). that screams *im a loser with no life* to me. at least we're out spending the money we have (haha cause believe it or not you do have to have money to be a "ricer", parts and mods cost lots of money) your prolly just jealous cause your poor ass cant afford them. why waste your time wandering around the streets alone with tickets you made professionally (who would waste their time?? oh yeah...YOU)so, if i ever get one of those tickets on MY car, i'll be sure to report it :) cause beleive it or not, your touchin private property... and..your just some gay computer nerd who gets off on probably just touching all those nice cars you ticket. have a nice day.

Woah.. hold the phone (it's cordless so you can still walk around with a gang-star limp). Really nice cars? Obviously our definitions of "really nice" differ drastically. Second, I think you're on the wrong site, this is ricecop.com, riceboy.com is next door to the pizza place on 5th. Anyway, to say I spend hours and hours making some gay website (how did you find out about my hotsweatystuds.com website anyway?) would be wrong. Trust me, it doesn't take much time to update a website every week or two. On the other hand, working at Subway full-time and throwing that money into a $10-$15k car that will depreciate drastically with no way of really recouping your investment would seem to fit right into the stupid category. Who in their right mind would be willing to pay X amount of dollars over MSRP for a Civic/Neon/Whatever when they could just get a far better car that doesn't look like a circus sideshow for that money? (oh yea... YOU)
I'd like to take a second and thank you on the ticket compliment. I actually made those myself so the fact that you consider them "Professionally done" is nice.
One more thing, next time I'd like more meatballs in my sub and don't be cheap with the sauce.
Posted by: Trooper

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