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Hate Mail

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From: Andrew Perlman      Posted On: 3-02-2005 Comments: 10 (Read/Post)
u guys are stupid fucks if your going to do this shit make sure its only on jap cars. You dont even know what the word ricer means. Can u get this FUCK OFF. You all are the haters of america. You dont have anything better to do. I bet yall are all fat fucks that sit at home and masturbate to your moms 15th anniversery picture. Come fuck with us to our faces.
Andrew Perlman
Team Endless Addiction
Tampa, FL

Thanks for the tip Andrew! I guess when people with domestic cars make their cars look completely stupid (I'm guessing you're part of this group) they shouldn't be made fun of because... they're American cars? Right. As for the masturbation comment, we only do that to pics of your mom and it's not her 15th anniversary pic, she wasn't really hot at that point. Now the 5th anniversary pic, HEY NOW! I've included her most flattering pic below for the rest of the guys to "enjoy".

Posted by: Trooper

From: Kevin Gagen      Posted On: 1-13-2005 Comments: 6 (Read/Post)
ok, ha, ha funny stuff.........I've lauphed it off like you suggested on the home page, but the only thing i don't like is some asshole that I've never meet looking onto my car........fuck off I don't ever want to see one of those tickets on my car again. Also if i see anyone around my car trying to put one of your tickets on it, I'm seriously going to kick their fucking ass.

thank you.............

If you laughed it off like I suggested you wouldn't have written an email to the site. I'd also guess that a lot of people you've never met probably "look onto" your car and laugh so you have a lot of ass kicking to do. I don't even want to think about all the ass kicking you should be doing. You're probably way behind on your list of people needing ass kickings for looking onto your car. I don't even know how you had the time to write your email, go out and kick some ass! NOW! Hurry! I think someone looked onto your car while you were writing the email, it was a guy with brown hair, kind of tall. I think you can still catch him!

You're welcome.........
Posted by: Trooper

From: vze1qfy3      Posted On: 1-13-2005 Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
This site is fuckin stupid! You’re soo pathetic if ur gonna sit around and spend time makin a web site to make fun of foreign cars which the mojority of r probably faster then most American cars! Fuckin gay…

Thanks for sharing your opinion genius. If you took the time to actually browse the site you would see that it doesn't poke fun at only imports. Granted the "mojority" of cars on here are imports but I'm more than happy to post any car with stupid/pointless/amusing modifications.

In other news, spell check is now a feature in most modern email clients.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Corey      Posted On: 12-02-2004 Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
ok, whoever the fuck invented this site seriously has too much time on their hands, so i think that all you little faggots should just quit worrying about what other ppls cars look like. and whatever the fuck Rice is who the hell knows probably slang for we all do each other in the ass everynight. Ever since that fucking fast and the furious movie came out everybody has been trying to fix up their moms for taurus and its gay. you want sum power get some fucking american muscle. you can all lick my ass and then go fuck each otehr with your tiny little japanese weiners.

I'm buying a new domain, wealldoeachotherintheasseverynightcop.com. It's a lot easier to remember then ricecop.com and it would go along with the general theme of the other sites in Corey's bookmarks much better.
Posted by: Trooper

From: megan      Posted On: 12-02-2004 Comments: 10 (Read/Post)
I personally think u guys or who ever does this stupid shit has no life and r fuckn computer nerds with ur own web page if i ever see u guys putting tickets on someones car and taking pics of it im not only going to have fun watching u gasp for air cause u cant breeth and ur fuckn necks broken and find out ware u dip shits live and take your car from your own driveway at night and you will be riding ur bike to get to school. ha ha sounds funny hu! im not even joking i will take u to the authority.have a nice day.

How did you even figure out how to turn on a computer? I and everyone that comes to this site just got a little dumber from reading/deciphering your keyboard vomit. Back to the short bus with you!
Posted by: Trooper

From: Bob Brady      Posted On: 11-22-2004 Comments: 13 (Read/Post)
Ok, first off i dont care if any of you domestic lovin people like my civic. For every one of you that dont there are like 50 who do so numbers are in my favor. Second, I just want to point out that some of your guys are really gay putting fakeass tickets on other peoples cars that they dont like. That is just really lame as fuck. Im not saying you do that but if you do same applies to you. So for the most part you have some gayass mofos there who made me laugh at one of your lameass tickets. You can take your out of date, overpriced, and underdeveloped engined domestics and cry everytime some BMW V6 or Honda V4 crushes you. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. FAGS. AHAAHHAAHAHAHAAAH. I hope you post this.

Thanks for the review and opinions Bob. I'm always happy to post an email from a future Special Olympian.
Posted by: Trooper

From: michael tran      Posted On: 11-22-2004 Comments: 19 (Read/Post)
what the fuck is this rice cop shit bitch? u fuckin got no life if u own this fuckin site.. dont ever try to ticket my car again bitch n this shit is gay... who da fuck thought of this? by the way half the shit u check down for my car aint even true bitch

Ok bitch. I got it bitch. Don't try to ticket your car bitch. Guess what bitch. You say bitch a lot bitch. Saying bitch that many times is cool bitch. I bet you're fun to talk to in person bitch. Later bitch.
Posted by: Trooper

From: jason fuller      Posted On: 11-22-2004 Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
i dare someone to touch my car, you touch it you die. you dont know who the fuck your messing with. Lets just say im from ohio and i dont like a bunch of little faggots.

So does the car touch = death thing apply to say.. the guys that dry your car after a wash? I'm just trying to get a good understanding of the "touch of death" that your car possesses. Didn't they make a movie about your car? Oh wait, sorry, that was a Bruce Lee movie.

As a service to all your Ricecop readers, I recommend avoiding Ohio since that is Jason Fuller's turf. I wouldn't want you guys to accidently touch his car and die, that would be bad. Why should you listen to me? Let's just say I'm from New York and I don't like morons.
Posted by: Trooper

From: Bseriesteg@aol.com      Posted On: 6-22-2004 Comments: 18 (Read/Post)
<PRE>you guys are a bunch of fucking fags my acura integra is lowered that is it. and i got a fucking gay mother fucking rice ticket from some fuck from cincinnati ohio. i know who the kid was that put this on my car and i am going to take it out of his ass, you guys are a bunch of fucking pussys that have nothing better to do than this shit FUCK YOU!!!!!

So I take it the ticket upset you just a tiny bit?
Posted by: Trooper

From: Moandcase@aol.com      Posted On: 6-21-2004 Comments: 17 (Read/Post)
Let me tell you something you sick fuck, you better keep your little trashy ass away from my damn car. You are just jealous because your momma whipped your ass when you were a baby and didn't give you allowance growing up, so you can't afford to hook your shit up. You're probably driving around in a damn Volkswagen, a 1969 one at that. If I catch you putting something else on my damn car it will take the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and National Guards to get my foot and my gun barrel out your ass. UNDERSTAND BITCH. Now carry your cracker barrel ass somewhere else and put that shit on somebody else's car. With your jealous ass. Everything on my car cost more than you, your wife and your ugly ass children.

Well at least you admit that the money you use to "hook up" your car comes from your parents (in the form of an allowance I'm guessing). As for my car, get it right buddy, it's a rusted out Ford Tempo on blocks surrounded by weeds in my backyard. In fact, I even have a picture of it, take a look:

This picture was taken before I put it on blocks and before the weeds grew around it but you get the idea, it's a mean machine. Anyway, back to your email/threat/stupidity display.. So let me ask you, you say if I put something else on your car I'll have to call on various branches of the US Military to get your foot and gun barrell out of my ass? What if I put the same thing on it, would that provoke the same response from you? (The response being ramming objects up other people's asses) What if I put a dollar on it? That's kind of like the allowance you get from your parents.. would I still have to call the various branches of the military? My guess is regardless of what I or anyone else does, you'd find a reason to stick something up their asses. It's just something you seem to enjoy doing.
Well, I hope you enjoy your "car that cost more than you", it must be one damn expensive car. While you're at it, make sure to park it in a public place so you have a reason to ram things up people's asses. Unprovoked ass ramming is frowned upon but if you have your car there I'm sure you can find a valid reason for it.
Posted by: Trooper

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