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From: vze1qfy3      Posted On: 2005-01-13 20:16:21 Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
This site is fuckin stupid! You’re soo pathetic if ur gonna sit around and spend time makin a web site to make fun of foreign cars which the mojority of r probably faster then most American cars! Fuckin gay…

Thanks for sharing your opinion genius. If you took the time to actually browse the site you would see that it doesn't poke fun at only imports. Granted the "mojority" of cars on here are imports but I'm more than happy to post any car with stupid/pointless/amusing modifications.

In other news, spell check is now a feature in most modern email clients.
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 1-14-2005 @ 01:51:31 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
He was doing pretty good there, he opened up with some decent grammar, even remembered the apostrophe on the "You're" but then, about halfway though, his lone functioning brain cell couldn't take the stress of being used anymore and it broke down into a litany of "ur" and "r" and finaly hit the "gay" insult they always, always, ALWAYS use....... too bad, I thought the kid had promise, NEXT!

#2 1-14-2005 @ 03:21:43 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom Reply | Edit | Del
well, we all think that sitting around, taking all that time doing stupid modifications to your cars so they can "sound" and "look" cool is stupid. Like trooper said, it's just not imports, there are domestics here also (Ford, Saturn, etc....). Be glad we're just sitting around poking fun, we could be making mod's to our American cars (those of us who still have them *sigh*) so we could be even faster.

#3 1-14-2005 @ 10:04:25 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
Some people have a serious problem accepting the fact that they have no taste when it comes to cars, and this, unfortunately, is how they seem to cope. It's soo pathetic.

#4 1-16-2005 @ 07:19:47 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
The majority of cars here are faster than most American cars? Nah, they probably even out, when you consider that most of any car from any given country is as much of a non-performance car as the pieces of shit we make fun of here.

Nice to know another guy missed the boat, though. Or maybe it's me who missed the boat. Maybe the words "import" and "foreign" don't actually mean what I think they mean, maybe they actually are interchangable terms for "any car with a body kit".

#5 1-20-2005 @ 08:19:50 PM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
{b}You’re soo pathetic if ur gonna sit around and spend time makin a web site to make fun of foreign cars{/b}

You're so pathetic for sitting around reading a web site that you have such a problem with. And are you uncomfortable with your homosexuality that you are so quick to call everyone else "gay" that doesn't share your love if pieces of shit with wings? Oh, and American cars ARE faster than any rice rocket.

#6 1-20-2005 @ 08:21:57 PM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
{b}You’re soo pathetic if ur gonna sit around and spend time makin a web site to make fun of foreign cars{/b}

#7 2-01-2005 @ 11:03:16 AM
Posted By: TheHellWithRicers Reply | Edit | Del
Pussy pussy pussy! Most American cars come with a V-6 if I am correct. Most Japanese cars, Honda Acura - come with a 4 cylinder. Your pathetic little "add-ons" that make your car "appear faster" aren't going to do shit for your but weight your little ricer down. I am with another guy, you just had to bring out the "gay" comment. Is that supposed to hurt our feelings man? I think you are the gay one for driving a ricer, something you think is so "cool" to come jump down Trooper's throat. This site is fuking funny! How can you not laugh at some foreign/import with some dumbass stickers and big ass wings. Get your head out of your ass and get a sense of humor. We'll make fun of whatever the hell we want too. Get over it.

#8 2-01-2005 @ 12:51:11 PM
Posted By: Metalhead2003 Reply | Edit | Del
Id have to agree, this site is funny as hell! Why? Because these ricers don't have ANY taste, and they're oblivious to any research, and science of performance and racing. If your gonna slap a big-ass wing on the back of a FWD car with little shit mods (to make it look fast, of course) and no motor upgrades, well, that is pretty stupid. Let alone, the only thing the wing might do is stable the rear-end, but it wont put any downforce on it whatsoever. Even so, why would you want downforce on the rear of the car if it's FWD? I'd sooner slap a front air-dam or a front lip spoiler on it, cuz that would be more effective for downforce to get any traction for your 90 (or less) HP econo-box. The way I look at it: if you have a big-ass "erector set" wing on the rear of your car, you better have something under that hood to back it up, otherwise (like anyone else on here) I will make fun of you.

#9 2-01-2005 @ 12:55:31 PM
Posted By: Metalhead2003 Reply | Edit | Del
Also, Haven't you ever noticed that they all use the same vocabulary when they get pissed and write hate mail? Theyre just as stupid as theyre car looks!

#10 2-01-2005 @ 04:02:42 PM
Posted By: IloveV8s Reply | Edit | Del
Oh man... that comment brought a tear to my eye, "which the mojority of r probably faster then most American cars!"... I cried laughing when I read that, because last week, my awesome 91 Bronco with no mods and stock exhaust kicked the shit out of a fucking Prelude.. with a fart can and wing... the guy was so pissed off that he actually talked to us at the stop light (while we were pointing and laughing of course) and asked us if we wanted to box him and his black friend... looking at him in shock, not fear, I then started busting out laughing even harder, as I once again stomped his ass at the green light. So yes... foreign cars are so fucking fast... morons. I win.

#11 2-11-2005 @ 11:31:13 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
If this turd wants to fight everyone whose car beats his Prelude he'd be boxing every granny with a three banger Geo.

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