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From: jason fuller      Posted On: 2004-11-22 20:15:07 Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
i dare someone to touch my car, you touch it you die. you dont know who the fuck your messing with. Lets just say im from ohio and i dont like a bunch of little faggots.

So does the car touch = death thing apply to say.. the guys that dry your car after a wash? I'm just trying to get a good understanding of the "touch of death" that your car possesses. Didn't they make a movie about your car? Oh wait, sorry, that was a Bruce Lee movie.

As a service to all your Ricecop readers, I recommend avoiding Ohio since that is Jason Fuller's turf. I wouldn't want you guys to accidently touch his car and die, that would be bad. Why should you listen to me? Let's just say I'm from New York and I don't like morons.
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 11-22-2004 @ 10:07:51 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
We got a real winner here, he's daring someone, anyone apparently, to touch his car, after it's already clearly been done.

#2 11-23-2004 @ 07:01:22 AM
Posted By: 89Rettagt Reply | Edit | Del
what if i rub my ass all over it?

#3 11-23-2004 @ 08:07:09 AM
Posted By: Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
#2, You will burst into flames :)

#4 11-23-2004 @ 07:17:21 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
Lets just say im from ohio and i dont like a bunch of little faggots.

Nice non-sequitur there. What the hell does his being from Ohio have to do with anything? That's like saying "Let's just say I wear Wrangler jeans and I don't like Cocoa Krispies".

#5 11-23-2004 @ 09:21:51 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#4, Maybe it's one of those word puzzle thingies? A Brainteaser?

"Okay, let's say you're locked in a dark room in Cleveland, Ohio, with only a banana and a ballpoint pen and you don't like Kevin Costner films, how do you get out?"

#6 11-24-2004 @ 01:21:35 AM
Posted By: 94se Reply | Edit | Del
maybe he's got that one chemical from The Jackal. Anyone remember that movie?

#7 11-26-2004 @ 03:50:36 PM
Posted By: tanner07 Reply | Edit | Del
#4, Hahaha

That was perfect.

#8 11-30-2004 @ 06:40:56 AM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
Actually I know who I'm messing with, some insecure little turd with bad taste in cars who crusies around town thinking he's God's gift to all the other insecure little turds out there, and every time someone who doesn't think giant exhaust tips and yellow vinyl are performance mods, he flies off the handle. But that's pretty much every ricer.

#9 12-13-2004 @ 03:32:22 AM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
So wait, if I'm walking by his car, and I accidently trip on a, oh I don't know, a rock, and I fall towards his car and I hold on to break my fall, does that mean I'll fall dead right there and then because I touched it???
By the way, I'm from California and I like Pepsi better than Coke.

#10 3-25-2005 @ 08:15:11 PM
Posted By: civickiller Reply | Edit | Del
what a looser, I guess that some people really dont like looking like douches

#11 4-10-2005 @ 01:30:08 AM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
If that were the case, jason here wouldn't be on this site.

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