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From: relil deff      Posted On: 2004-06-10 20:10:06 Comments: 6 (Read/Post)
Hey! You stupid!
Most of cars you judged as ricer are great looking cars. I personaly think that it:s much better to drive something looking funnky than stock looking samy boring cars!
I bet what you dirve is old american muscle that looks exactely same as every others! Boring! Your car is very very boring!!
Backing up of big wing, it has function.(I hope you said all those shit as you knew they have function) If you didn:t know, you should shame on yourself... Have you heard of aerodynamics? Well since my Englishis fucked up, I don:t wanna try to explain it in English...but hey! it has something to do with air(Iknow how, just can not express how it works in English!)and the as result, you get a little more horse and traction. Don:t even start with me how it can gain HP. Do your homework if you have no idea why.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will change your mind about ricers.
My definition of ricers is this Ricer=extremly looking funnky and cool cars that you are jelous of...
Be sorry for your car, and do not try to make fun of others just because you can:t find life.
Oh! And I realize one big thing just right now!!!
Those ricers(cool car owners)are usually one woth hot chicks! I always see your kinda guy driving alone with stupid exhaust sound...
Jesus...sorry man. You will find some woman for yourself someday. So don:t worry! Bye!

OK, where should I begin? Let's just hit the high points of this email. In the beginning you've got the standard "your car sucks, my car rules" thing along with a bunch of assumptions about me going on, nothing particularly interesting. But right after that is where things get interesting. So big wings have a function (other then looking stupid) according to this guy. I'm sure some of them do (Super Touring Cars for example) but I don't think most of the ones you see on this site have seen extensive wind tunnel testing not to mention that most of these ricer wings dwarf those of actual race cars. But then.. THEN this email goes way off the deep end. Folks, relil here is telling us that big wings add horse power, yes, a big plastic thing on your trunk somehow manages to effect engine performance. Unfortunately he doesn't speak English well or he would grace us with an explanation of how this marvel of physics is pulled off. If that wings add horsepower statement isn't the greatest example of stereotypical riceboy mentality I don't know what is.
The email concludes with standard hate mail fare stating I'm jealous, riceboys get all the girls, etc. Kind of a let down after almost learning the secret of how wings add horsepower.
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 7-20-2004 @ 12:23:49 PM
Posted By: Bronze Reply | Edit | Del
Apparently his English isn't so good because he hails from some alternate dimension where the laws of physics don't apply. In the mysterious "Dumbass Dimension", adding huge pieces of plastic and aluminum adds horsepower as well as increases aerodynamics! WOW! Not only that, Ricers are "funnky and cool cars you are jelous of".

My god, I hope to NEVER lay eyes on what they consider "hot chicks!"

#2 7-29-2004 @ 10:30:34 PM
Posted By: SVTguy Reply | Edit | Del
Mother of god...

#3 9-23-2004 @ 05:36:55 PM
Posted By: lampshade Reply | Edit | Del
Jeeze, this guy is STTUUUPIDD. As we all have learned from a previous comment: Wings obviously are used to "HOLDS THE TRUNK LID DOWN AT HIGH SPEEDS" and "BLOCKS THE VIEW OF UGLY PEOPLE LIKE YOU FROM BEIND SEEN IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR!"....We have Sharon Pfiffner to thank for that educational statement.

#4 10-25-2004 @ 07:23:21 PM
Posted By: ricehater000 Reply | Edit | Del
hey buddy, its called school

#5 12-28-2004 @ 04:37:31 AM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
Hey! You stupid, very very stupid. You rag on us because all we "dirve is old american muscle that looks exactely same as every others..." but you don't realize that all those rice eaters out there, "Those ricers(cool car owners)are usually one woth hot chicks!" All drive the same ugly Hondas and Mitsubishi's with the exact same wings, body kits, taillights, etc. Get a clue Ping Pong.

#6 8-16-2007 @ 12:30:52 AM
Posted By: montegofreak1369 Reply | Edit | Del
Since when did the AHRC have an internet connection? The only thing worse than his putrefied 'English' is his abysmal knowledge of cars! My '71 Montego might look a lot like a '70 but it sure doesn't look a damn bit like a 'Vette. Or a Camaro. Or even its sister ship the Torino. As for having 'hot chicks', hey if you're into bestiality, that's your thing, I just wouldn't go posting it everywhere. . . .

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