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From: Sean Beck      Posted On: 2004-06-10 20:11:09 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
you sad fucking little cunt's have nothing better to than annoy people with great cars, don't you have a life where you actually have a purpose or do you just live with your parents and have no friends and just wank over your mum when she's in the shower, well people with mods on thier cars don't so maybe that's why you are so fucking sad.

So what you're saying is that anyone without mods on their cars just wanks over their mum's when their mum's are in the shower. Hmm.. I bet there was a time when you didn't have mods on your car which would put you in the wanking over your mum club with all the other modless guys. In fact, I bet there was a time when you didn't even have a car. I don't want to even imagine what you were doing then if you would wank over you mum just because your car had no mods.
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 10-26-2005 @ 12:19:11 AM
Posted By: Chev350 Reply | Edit | Del
Annoy people with great cars? I hardly think of economy cars as great. Your sentence would be true if they insulted laborghinis and ferraris but until then...

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