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From: Maritza      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:44:29 Comments: 188 (Read/Post)
I just got a ticket from you cuntface motherfuckers. My 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse
If you put my car on your fucking website you better believe ima fucking sue you motherfuckers.
Stop ragging on fucking imports i like domestic cars too but some cars would smoke your piece of shit mustangs. So stop fucking talking about them.

Ok first off, I don't have a Mustang. I *do* have a Mercury Topaz out back that's on blocks and surrounded by weeds. There's also a pile of old tires about 10 feet to the left of my Topaz. Now that we have that all cleared up I'd like to respond to the remainder of your email.. Ahem.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think that about covers it, thanks for writing in sparky.
Posted by: Trooper


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#41 6-22-2002 @ 03:43:29 AM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
Nissan why are you so stupid? he said the Cobra is 33k and the GT is 23k you fuckin troll! Also why is it no matter how many time you dumb ass is told we are not jealous of your lame ass cars!!! for fucks sake man we laugh at your cars, i harly call that jealousy. Oh and when you spend all the money modding you sentra to beat my 97 stang GT(which is way far from stock) and the first time you run even a stock stang or f-body your gonna blow you little engine ske high because it isn't made to handle 350hp which is what you gonna need to beat my stang or a stock ls1.

[Edited by Gumshoe on 6-22-2002 @ 03:44:56 AM]

#42 6-22-2002 @ 03:46:51 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
I dont' think he's gonna respond, he's over in the forums right now boasting his Sentra has more torque than a Celica, geeze, he's a troll and he's dense as a box of rocks too.... PS- Ask him if his car is has a V4 engine, he seems to think it does.... assclown

#43 6-22-2002 @ 03:48:01 AM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
good Looking car=59 Ferrari 250-TR
Not Good looking car= Nissan Sentra no mater what's done to it
good looking car=67 Corvette
not Good looking car= POS Japanesse Econobox with ugly Body kit

#44 6-22-2002 @ 03:52:21 AM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
ah yes i remeber seeing that in the forums my V4 Senta hahaha so fuckin funny.
Question have any of you ever seen a side mounted v4? i know i havn't!

#45 6-22-2002 @ 03:59:06 AM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
Car to Be Jealous of=77 BB 512 race car
Car not to be Jealous of=Nissan Sentra
Car to be Jealous of=69 Road Runner 440+6
Car not to Be Jealous of=Civic with a double wing

#46 6-22-2002 @ 03:59:43 AM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
that moron probably doesn't know what half those cars are

#47 6-22-2002 @ 04:01:01 AM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
V4= Motorcycle engine
inline 4= POS econobox engine
Boxer 4= first engine to have 1hp per Cube

#48 6-22-2002 @ 04:46:46 AM
Posted By: irocpilot Reply | Edit | Del
no the nissan guy was thinkin i said the cobra was 22,000 or somethin...i wish it was...

#49 6-22-2002 @ 06:57:57 AM
Posted By: NissanDriven Reply | Edit | Del
irocpilot... are you the guy who drives a car with a iroc sticker on it? I am not sure if it was you, but I am very sure I saw such a car around here in Cali. I was just driving back from ford dealership couple of days ago and saw "your" car i think.

This sucks, I can buy a ford car at an invoice price due to me being in partnership with a company, but I most likely will not because I just like you wish cobras were 22k or something, and not 32. I did actually misunderstood you, I thought you meant cobra was 22k.

Rest of you guys... its ok no need to flame. I already know you are just dying of jealousy of a good looking import car. I bet you think you had a civic or a sentra and not a batmobile. And remember rust is not a color :).

[Edited by NissanDriven on 6-22-2002 @ 07:00:36 AM]

#50 6-22-2002 @ 08:22:05 AM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
When I bought my current car, I could have chosen pretty much anything in or near its price range.

So, I drove a few four-cylinder cars, namely the Escort ZX2, a Dodge Avenger (4cyl), the Nissan Sentra, and a Grand Am. Surprisingly, the only one that seemed to have any torque whatsoever was the Pontiac. The others required a lot of RPM to get much acceleration, and they sounded (to me) horrible as the revs climbed.

As for good-looking, Sentras have always reminded me of small rodents with wheels. Dunno why, but it probably started with the mid-'90s, when they put the two square white foglamps towards the middle of the front bumper (they looked like teeth, almost).

Keep your "good-looking import cars". I don't care if they are faster than my car--I'll take an "inefficient" v6 over a high-output weedwhacker motor anyday.

#51 6-22-2002 @ 08:26:37 AM
Posted By: irocpilot Reply | Edit | Del
no i do not have any stickers on my car...nor do i live in cali...i find that stickers are kinda...welll...disgusting and anyone who has stickers on an iroc is in serious need of counseling...unless that car is a true racecar...or has the components the sticker is advertising installed...

#52 6-22-2002 @ 08:47:47 AM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del

#53 6-22-2002 @ 09:00:33 AM
Posted By: irocpilot Reply | Edit | Del
oh...i forgot one...actually came with the stickers,decals or badges...for example...irocz...i have this on my doors...but of course the rpo codes make this a legitimate application...

#54 6-22-2002 @ 10:51:40 AM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
actually, the moron said v6 mustangs are more expensive than cobras. Oh, how I wish.

#55 6-22-2002 @ 11:00:08 AM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
That would be nice.

#56 6-22-2002 @ 05:55:12 PM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
NissanDrivenOffACliff, look at car #4423 on RiceOrNot. That is my car. Now, do you honestly believe that a guy with THAT in his garage is jealous of a NISSAN? ANY Nissan? Even a Skyline or a Silvia?

#57 6-22-2002 @ 07:15:10 PM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Well I disagree with you all, I think making a car look better with cosmetic mods is all well in good, but not every cosmetic mod looks good. Max if I was you I wouldn't do anything to that car unless it was under the hood, a lot of people have cars similar to mine, so i decided to make it different, and unlike the riceboys 'unique' Civics,you won't find another Firebird that looks like mine. So I think making a car look good with mods is cool, I just dont think the riceboy's mods look good.....

#58 6-22-2002 @ 07:22:26 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
.....nissandriven....you must be an ass.....

.....we aren't jelous of your riced sentra.....or any riced import......in fact (in case you haven't noticed).....this site is devoted to rice bashing.....

....i have yet to see anyone jelous of a compact car.....they suck......and as for cosmetic mods.....contingency mods are within a limit.....riced mods are gay....

#59 6-22-2002 @ 09:10:12 PM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
FB4Ever, any future mods on the Mustang will be for performance or safety purposes (roll cage, snubber bars, Australian-spec heads) or will be factory options (rear decklid spoiler, plus I'm considering a Mach 1-style hood stripe.) No ridiculous mods will be done here.

#60 6-22-2002 @ 11:30:17 PM
Posted By: Jurrell Reply | Edit | Del
man you guys hate NissanDriven, why can't we all be friends?

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