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From: N/A      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Hi, I'm a "rice boy" w/ a few "performance" mods on my Integra. My car has maintained the clean look and would only be considered rice for the clear tail lamps. You may even consider the factory Type-R wing to be a little ricey too. Anyways, I love your site. I'm a rice boy that loves an anti-rice page. How weird is that? Not very really, I mean you've got some funny pics on here. I love seeing pictures of people's cars where they've gone a little too far. They need to be exposed and they need to know about the people snickering behind them. Keep up the site and keep posting the flaming hate mail. It's great. What the people don't know is it's what you feed off of. Just let them play your game. Take care! :)

Posted by: Trooper

From: Mr Nilo      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
They call me Mr Nilo.

And I say it's like this.
If you look at my "bio" you'll see that I'm quite active here. I quite enjoy it here. Here is a great place to be.. if here = ricecop.com. You are actually the first forum I've been an active member of in my 7 years on the internet.
Why do people fear honest opinions? If someone were to say "Hey, bitch! Your RX-7 looks like shit!" yeah, I'd be mad, however, I'd ask for logical backing before I broke their nose. If they could convince me I've gone overboard in any way, sure, I'll change it.. but god damn, it hasta be perdy logical.
I know.. I know, I'm steering away from the subject at hand.. at how much this site kicks ass.. but damn, cars are not like your wife.. or your girlfriend.. They don't give you mental/physical pleasure and they will not be with you or have the chance to be with you for the rest of your life.. eventually, you'll realize that it looks like shit and you'll do something else. And this site, I feel, is here to help you realize that.

Posted by: Trooper

From: Shawn      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
I like the site, very good idea from the outset. I think some people are forgetting that 'rice' does not exlusively mean imports. Where I live there are plenty of 'TypeR' Civics and Accords, lots of other Japanese cars with stupid looking wings, stickers and whatever else. There are also a lot of riced out domestics that look quite ridiculous. Just the other day I saw a white Dodge Stratus, with a giant airplane wing, and yellow stickers everywhere listing manufacturers that I doubt even make parts for the Stratus, and requisite fart muffler. The kicker of the whole thing was in the back window though. In the window was a huge 'Stratus Racing' sticker. It covers most of the glass. Come on, Stratus Racing?! I have even seen riced Taurus', and a Honda Odyssey. There is also a Thunderbird around here with GIANT Ford stickers on both sides of the car. I guess I will have to start taking a camera in the car with me so I can submit them to your site. What I find most amusing is the hate mail that sites like yours gets. A lot of them wonder why you make fun of people's cars when they are 'just trying to make them look good'. The whole point is that they don't look good, they look stupid, especially when they are on cars that aren't sports or sporty cars to begin with. And what is it with the Type R emblems? If it is not a Type R Civic (only sold in Japan and only as a hatch), then you shouldn't put the emblem on. Otherwise you are just a poser. I have seen V6 Camaro's with Z28 emblems and V6 Mustangs with GT emblems.I have a 2000 Mustang that I just put 17" 98 Cobra rims on. Next is a Borla dual exhaust and that is where it ends (as far as exterior). No stickers or anything other than maybe a V6 emblem. Oh yeah, and even if I spent the money and pumped that V6 up to 400 GT and Cobra smokin' horsepower, it still wouldn't be a GT or a Cobra, so I would have no business putting those emblems on the car, and as for the rims, well, I am not claiming that it is a Cobra, I just think those particular wheels look damn good. One more thing, whenever I see a riced Mustang or Camaro (any year) a part of me dies inside. :-(

Posted by: Trooper

From: heather      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
this is one of the best anti-rice sites i've ever seen.. there are tons of riceboys in their civics/crx's/acuras here in san diego.. i'll have to get some pics for you ;)

Posted by: Trooper

From: Brian      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
How ya doin.. For a new site, I really like what you've done, good concept.. I think it'll be really good soon.. I completely agree with you guys drawing attention to the stupidity some people put into their car.. Obviously, alot of the things people do to their rides, get a little out of hand (ex.. Wings, Mufflers, Decals).. Glad you guys wanna make them look bad :P.. Personally, I like domestics more over-all, but I can't deny that a Toyota or a Honda is a well made car, I just dislike what people do with these cars.. They aren't made to be fast, and yet there's always that goal to try and make it fast. And that's when the problems start. Anyways, keep up the good work.. I hope to add to your pictures section soon, once I get around to ticketing a few cars for myself.. Thanks for the laughs.

Posted by: Trooper

From: masterjr33      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Hello . Ihave been issuing tickets thatIi found on the net for weeks at the drag strip every Tuesday and Friday. The look on these guys faces is priceless when they discover something on their CHROME windsheild wipers. When they go to read it, they turn so red. I hope that in the years to come the constant humiliation and harrasment of this PHASE will end. Can i get a honorable deputy badge? or at least be sworn in to fulfill my duty of ridding the world of rice. thanks..

Posted by: Trooper

From: Mark      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Down with Japan! I think it is dumb as hell when these kids get those dumb wings on the back of their car and then a big fart pipe and think they can beat you in a race. Im ashamed of the kid that lives next door to me and crusified a perfectly good Chevy with a big ass chinese symbol in the back window. No wonder he got hit by a WinDixi truck. Hehe, serves him right. Some kid with an 87 civic hatchback has a fart pipe that is about 6 inches in diameter and it sounds like a weedwhacker. Thats a whoping 90 hp last time i checked. He thinks he can beat my 95 "RUSTang" because he "used to race go karts". It just makes me laugh. Anyways, keep up the good work and spread the word. AVENGE PEARL HARBOR!


This is a reply to the idiotic letter #2 in the fan mail section. This letter can go in the fan mail section too as I am a fan of your site, but mainly because I want the ignorant prick who wrote that letter to see it. I'm down to get a laugh out of poor taste any day-Beaterz, Bryan's Rice boy page and this page along with the others out there are really funny. What I really hate about this whole topic is when it comes down to an imports Vs domestic, Civic Vs Mustang debate-its fucking redundant as hell. Of course a Mustang GT with a 5 liter engine ill beat a Civic with a 1.6 liter engine, you'd have to be a fucking retard to compare the 2 if you look at the differences in the 2 cars. The kicker is this-a stock Jap 4cyl against a V8 domestic car and will be far superior in the Displacement:HP ratio. Newer Hondas put out approximately 100hp per liter of displacement.Stock. I want to see ANY domestic car do that. If you want to race your Mustang against an equivalent Import race a Supra and see what happens. As far as your "down with Japan" and "Avenge Pearl harbor" (which I believe was already done in Hiroshima and Nagasaki) comments, I guess your redneck ass doesn't own a TV, a CD player, a car stereo, a domestic car built in the past 15 years, or a computer.

Response to the above response:

You need to work on your interpretation of my letter. Name in it one place that i say that my car is faster than an equal or newer civic. I dont. The only thing i say is that my car could beat the riced up 87 civic that the kid in my school owns. I never went around telling him that i could kick his ass, he was the one who thought he could beat me. I know that there are come pretty awesome Japanese cars out there, and they are a hell of a lot more reliable than our domestics. I also know that a newer civic could kick my ass, and i never said anywhere that i could beat one. The reason why american cars cant compete with the 100hp per liter engines of japan is becasue we arent the most economical country on earth. They created their cars to have as much power as possible while using very little fuel. American engineering has always been that bigger is better, so bigger displacement is better. I bet that if American engineers really tried, we could push out some serious HP out of our liters. Also, more displacement usually means more torque, which is what american drivers like. My little "down with Japan" and "Avenge Pearl Harbor" comments were made to try to liven up this little letters section. Im sorry if you dont have a sense of humor. Japan makes almost everything i own and i am very appreciative of that, so i didnt mean to offend anyone. So please, dont start making up things that i didnt say about civic vs mustang debates, and have a "r"ice day.

- Mark
Posted by: Trooper

From: 8ate8      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Hey Officer Rice (mind if i call ya that?), Found a link to your site off Beaterz (www.beaterz.com) and you're off to a good start. Within time it'll become big. I'm sure the rice citation tickets will catch on around the US and maybe even the globe. I've all ready got a few ideas in mind about who's cars to post the citations on. Keep the site going strong.

Posted by: Trooper

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