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From: Lee M.      Posted On: 8-25-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Excellent "What is a rice boy" page... most of it is dead on...

Just be careful... maybe 1% of the modified cars you see might have power to back it up. (But there's no accounting for taste)

And as for the big muffler... it's almost always overkill, but once in a while you'll find someone with a big turbo under the hood where the big exhaust is needed. And then it doesn't sound like farts anymore, either.

Good stuff... keep up with the pics. Maybe I'll try to snap some domestic rice to add to your collection, too. As for my car, yeah, it's a honda civic... but it looks just like it came from the factory :) Is it fast? Not compared to a real muscle car or a modded sports car, but it can hold its own against some of the V6's out there. Not bad for an econobox.

Posted by: Trooper

From: Joe      Posted On: 8-25-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
All I want to say is I love this site and what you are doing. I read some hate mail and laughed so hard.

Thanks for the laugh and your time.


Posted by: Trooper

From: CJ      Posted On: 8-15-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)

I just want to say that you rock, man. My buddy showed me this site when 2 years ago when we were sophs in college. We just started roaming the lots at night and ticketed all of the little civics with plastic hubs and "performance mufflers" from Pep Boys! I checked out the hate mail for the first time in a while and laughed myself to tears. I'm gonna start going on patrol again soon. Dude, I WISH I had an email account with this domain name.


Posted by: Trooper

From: CrazyGerman      Posted On: 8-15-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
It is refreshing to see that not everyone has gone mad. I thought I was one of the only sane ones left. I come from a meduim sized town in Pennsylvania. I noticed, since the early 90's, a disturbing trend in my area. I see people from all walks of life and, ethnic backrounds, publically humiliating themselves without even knowing it. It is fun to watch 20 somethings that still live with there parents,(exspecially the white kids that come from wealthy families) driving through the "hood" (which is actually a nice middle class neighborhood) acting like they are... how do they say it "hard" with their clown cars, and trucker hats put on crooked. They spout off about how much horsepower there 4 or 6 cylinder import is making and how they have "smoked" mustangs and camaros on the street. It is funny though... when I ask these people "Come down to the Grove (local dragstrip) and put it to the test, they always seem to find a reason not to come. I own a '92 Mustang GT that I bought for $2,000.00 and have rebuilt/refurbished myself. It now has a 351 in it that has had some minor mods done to it (all throttle no bottle), a nice navy blue paint job, and crager wheels. Even my friend's that own camaros like it. The main point I am trying to make here is that most of these kids have actually no working knowledge of how their cars supposedly make so much horsepower, since none of them even know what a wrench look likes. They try to tell me and my friends how our cars suck, and are dinosaurs. What they just don't seem to get, or have, is any character or self respect for themselves or for anyone else. They think with cars, as with people that it is what is on the outside that counts. I would just like for them to actually look at themselves and at their cars, because to the rest of the world they look like hollow shells that could be bought for a few hundred dollers (I am talking about the cars AND the people). To them I just laugh, and they lay down my familiar challenge, "Let's go to the Grove and actually show me how fast your car is against my dinosuar of a mustang". If you want to post this please feel free to do so. I will keep my ticket book on hand and at the ready. Keep up the good work.


Posted by: Trooper

From: Sean K.      Posted On: 8-15-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
I really think this site is hilarious and I'm quite upset I didn't find it sooner. I do not drive a domestic V8, etc. that all the ricers seem hate so much. I actually drive an Eagle Talon (aka Mitsubishi Eclipse) that is turbo-charged and all wheel drive. I have ONLY modified my car for performance, it looks completely stock from the outside and inside.

I really hate the way ricer body kits and wings look. The worst, and I mean the absolute WORST, is when these ricers put the body kit on prior to having it painted. If they spend sooooo much money on it, why not wait to have it painted instead of rolling around with primer or white fascias on a black car?

My favorite part of the site is hatemail. While I imagine most ricers would see the website and ignore it, some actually go through the entire thing and then write in on it! Reading through some of the hate mail, I think they all use a Mad Libs program or something similar to write it. Example:

One of you [vulgar expletive]'s put one of those [vulgar expletive] tickets on my ride. If I ever catch you doing that again, I will [violent action] you. You are a loser and too busy [homosexual action] your [father/mother] to fix up your ride like mine. You are jealous because you don't have the money like I do to put in your ride. You should try [procreating with females / visiting dance clubs / meeting with acquaintances] instead of bashing these nice rides, you loser. I'd like to see you in [City, State] sometime and my [rice burner] will beat your [American car pun (CamarHo, Rustang, etc.)]. Go [homosexual action] yourself. Loser.

The program then must randomly change grammar to make a perfect hate mail. None of these guys are losers for visiting a site. It probably takes more time to read the site then it takes to keep it running...idiots.

A few observations from this hate mail:

Ricers love to dump loads of money into a car that usually (not always) is less then $20k. Most of this money goes into non-performance modifications in the name of aesthetic appeal. To them, sure, but most people think they look plain complicated and ugly. Sometimes, real performance mods go into the vehicle, but often long after the ugliness has begun. Even if this car is really fast, who cares if it's ugly? I don't need a beautiful car that's fast, but I want it to atleast not be so darn mutilitated that no one knows what it started out as. Most ricers fit the stereotype of what you see in most rap/hip hop videos, people that think money, friends, girls, and cars are life. Life is sooo much more and these people need to realize this. The issue is, most ricers grew up in poor neighborhoods (minus the rich kids that always try to emulate this type of pop culture) where showing how
wealthy you are through women, cars, and modifications is important for status. They simply want attention. I'm not saying ALL ricers fit either category, but the majority
do. Call it stereotyping, but so be it. My car is secondary to many other things in life.

Ricers need to wake up and realize that just because a website is dedicated to their terrible style and people give them tickets to recognize this, it does not mean anyone is stopping them from doing what they "love." If ricecop.com fans went out and destroyed cars, that would be a whole different issue. Maybe I'm putting too much faith in the community of non-ricers, but if ricers made some kind of non-import-bashing ticket similar to ricecop.com's, I don't think many people would do much more then laugh, tear it up, and throw it away. These ricers sure do become charged about accusations made, but hey, you're "dissing" their lifestyle. It's a conundrum we'll never see the end of until ricing goes away. A true fad of the times.

Thanks again for the site, it's provided me with some real laughs and provided me access to the thoughts of others that agree with my perspective. Sorry for the length of the email, but ricing is a plague.

Posted by: Trooper

From: Joe D.      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 3 (Read/Post)
Hello Mr.Trooper

My name is Joe and I'm the head of the LORP (Lake Orion Rice Patrol). We have about 7 or 8 members in our little patrol. We are all between the ages of 14-16 and most of us go to Lake Orion High School in Lake Orion, Michigan. What we usally do is go to the local mall and write up rice tickets and slip them under the wiper blade. Its quite fun. We also recently made up T-shirts and we were them every friday then go up to the mall after school. Our record for writing tickets is 47 tickets on one Friday night.

So what I really wanted to say is that I love your web site! We print off pictures and laugh at them at lunch and we talk about whats new on Ricecop.com. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Trooper

From: Kelman      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Yo, after reading all the hatemail and fanmail...i'm in tears man...that is some of the funniest word fighting I've observed. Yo, keep up the good work...I have a Mitsu Eclipse, but yo site is still off the hezzie fo shezzie. haha. Anyway I got to go im all my friends and tell them to head over to your site. Peace man, keep it real, keep the photos coming and keep the insults flying.

Posted by: Trooper

From: Kendrick      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Hey Trooper,

I gotta hand it to you, you did a damn fine job with this website. I'll give it to you, I drive a potential rice-rocket (2002 Toyota Celica), but I bought it because it looks nice and it seems to fit me well. I thought about ricing it out but I realized how pointless that would be. I've started to notice more and more cars out there with pointless spoilers and messed up body kits, all painted the most awful of hues. Import or domestic, no car out there right now is immune to this recent trend and that's very sad. I'm going to school out here in Idaho (yeah, what the hell is out here anyway?) ... even here is pos Idaho the rice phenomenon has hit hard. I love driving around with my car and having these so-called tricked out Civics with their VTEC stickers, cut springs, clear tail lights, and Boeing 777 wings on their asses pull up at the light and then roll down their windows and shout "WANNA RACE?" What is this shit? Have they gone insane? When I don't rev up my engine (I have an automatic...oh, I can hear it now, you drive an AUTOMATIC sports car...fuck off, I come from Washington, DC, shifting up and down all the time doesn't work with that kind of traffic) they fart off the line, their egos a bit bigger, yes, they "beat" me ...

To all those idiots who are wasting their time and money, there's more to life than your car. So long as it has four wheels and can move, most people are content. Your Civic, Accord, Integra, CRX, or whatever, is like everyone elses, cheap. Your attempts at making it appear "fast" does nothing to your image but makes you look like a complete moron to everyone else. From all those who drive imports, like myself, you suck.

Keep up the good work Ricecops ... I hope I never find one of your tickets on my car, but if I ever do, I'll take it with pride.

Posted by: Trooper

From: Amanda      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Hi Trooper,
I'm just writing thank you for making such an informative, funny website. I am an 18 year old female, and as such am the same age as many of the losers whose cars are wittily critiqued on your site. This makes my friends and me targets for their misguided ricy amour, and until we read some of your articles on the uselessness of their so-called "performance mods," some of us had been unduly impressed by these seeming pimps. Never again will we allow ourselves to be dragged by our boyfriends into "Drivin' Styles" in the local mall to buy cheap body kits. By educating the world about these losers you are doing young women (and the general public) a great favor!

Posted by: Trooper

From: Luis C.      Posted On: 6-14-2004 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Greetings from Venezuela, South Ameirca. I just want to thank you for such a great site, I've had loads of fun and I wish I had the time to read all your hate mail. Frankly, I can't see how some people just don't have a sense of humor, I know some of us take too much pride on what we do to our cars, but I just don't get them, for God's sake... it's a car we are talking about, not their mother or family.

I, myself, drive what you call imports because neither Ford, GM or Dodge have been able to up the ante with quality cars here.Believe me when I say THIS IS RICE COUNTRY, not only do imports get riced out here, domestics are some favorite targets; I think this is the only place in the world where you can see a Type R Mitsu Lancer or Dodge Neons with Evo bumpers just to name a few. If I had any Ricecop tickets I would be out of stock by noon and the whole city on my back.

Anyways... keep up the good work. Cheers

Posted by: Trooper

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