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From: Shawn      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:04:34 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
I like the site, very good idea from the outset. I think some people are forgetting that 'rice' does not exlusively mean imports. Where I live there are plenty of 'TypeR' Civics and Accords, lots of other Japanese cars with stupid looking wings, stickers and whatever else. There are also a lot of riced out domestics that look quite ridiculous. Just the other day I saw a white Dodge Stratus, with a giant airplane wing, and yellow stickers everywhere listing manufacturers that I doubt even make parts for the Stratus, and requisite fart muffler. The kicker of the whole thing was in the back window though. In the window was a huge 'Stratus Racing' sticker. It covers most of the glass. Come on, Stratus Racing?! I have even seen riced Taurus', and a Honda Odyssey. There is also a Thunderbird around here with GIANT Ford stickers on both sides of the car. I guess I will have to start taking a camera in the car with me so I can submit them to your site. What I find most amusing is the hate mail that sites like yours gets. A lot of them wonder why you make fun of people's cars when they are 'just trying to make them look good'. The whole point is that they don't look good, they look stupid, especially when they are on cars that aren't sports or sporty cars to begin with. And what is it with the Type R emblems? If it is not a Type R Civic (only sold in Japan and only as a hatch), then you shouldn't put the emblem on. Otherwise you are just a poser. I have seen V6 Camaro's with Z28 emblems and V6 Mustangs with GT emblems.I have a 2000 Mustang that I just put 17" 98 Cobra rims on. Next is a Borla dual exhaust and that is where it ends (as far as exterior). No stickers or anything other than maybe a V6 emblem. Oh yeah, and even if I spent the money and pumped that V6 up to 400 GT and Cobra smokin' horsepower, it still wouldn't be a GT or a Cobra, so I would have no business putting those emblems on the car, and as for the rims, well, I am not claiming that it is a Cobra, I just think those particular wheels look damn good. One more thing, whenever I see a riced Mustang or Camaro (any year) a part of me dies inside. :-(

Posted by: Trooper


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