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From: loz corteil      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:45:49 Comments: 31 (Read/Post)
UR Site is Pretty Shame Full u obviously dont own a car and realise that these people with these cars have put a lot of time and money in to there cars. it cost alot more to modifie a car than ur crappy little site using a cheap 100 quid package from jungle.com When our Cars Can top up to 100,000 quid so grow up US MAX HEADS RULE THE ROAD NETWORK Remember that What Gets u 2 work A Car!!!! Oh Yea I forgot u dont own 1 do u ride a push bike with a bell u panzy

Yours Faith fully

Lozzer Member of the gasto terrorist squad

This guy is either drunk or incredibly stupid. Either way this email gave me a good laugh.
Posted by: Trooper


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#21 7-02-2002 @ 05:13:26 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder Reply | Edit | Del
#20, well I don't know but if that's true but if it is seems to have worked on me.

#22 7-02-2002 @ 07:09:02 PM
Posted By: Jurrell Reply | Edit | Del
Oh my, hes a Losser memeber of the gasto Terrorist squad

#23 7-03-2002 @ 03:35:37 AM
Posted By: cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
Hold on. Jungle.com sell computer stuff. How is that going to make a car go fast. And 100g is a lot of money. You can buy quite a nice race car and a road car and a motorbike for that amount of money over here.

#24 7-03-2002 @ 07:54:52 AM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
Cams, he was commenting that this site is poorly maintained. If you read his incoherent ramblings, he was saying that their crappy cars require more work and money than this site.

Which, in my opinion, means that they're really wasting their time and money.

#25 7-03-2002 @ 08:49:09 AM
Posted By: cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
Oh he needs to learn how to write so we all can understand him.

#26 7-03-2002 @ 10:21:27 AM
Posted By: Asakha Reply | Edit | Del
In reply to that... err... incoherent message.
1st, I do own a car, most of us do, most of us have post a pic of them here.
2nd, I paid 6000$cdn, about 4000$US for mine, and quite frankly, it has better look than any 100k Civic you can come with.
3rd, If I had 100k to spend on a car, I would go directly with a Viper which will still beat your 100k civic.

#27 7-03-2002 @ 11:45:32 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
No, his name is Lozzer and he is a member of the gastro terrorist squad. At the top of the e-mail his name is Loz Corteil, which is apparently where the whole Lozzer thing comes from. But I mean you actually expect him to worry about a comma? Hell he doesn't have half the punctuation or capitalization he should. Plus he thinks modify is spelled modifie. Shit 'US MAX HEADS RULE THE ROAD NETWORK' and 'What Gets u 2 work A Car' doesn't make the damndest bit of sense! How much longer does it take to type a coherent e-mail?? But anyway....for that much money he must be buying some expensive wings and stickers, plus those $40 air-fresheners...oh and I think Wal-Mart just come out with some gold-plated hub-caps for all your Mad Tyte! applications, you think those are cheap?

#28 7-03-2002 @ 11:55:26 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Oh and by the way, I would hope that a car (even a cheap-ass little Civic) costs more than a website....or else damn Trooper your rich!

#29 7-04-2002 @ 03:27:53 AM
Posted By: I_Love_Ricers Reply | Edit | Del
I am sure president bush would like to hear about a terrorist squad... especially ones with intestinal problems and an obsession with poor grammar... i hope they're eaasy to track down

#30 7-13-2002 @ 01:08:26 AM
Posted By: TinIndian Reply | Edit | Del
I think he meant "gastro-intestinal terrorist" cuz he's an insignificant little SHIT. I just don't understand how somebody who can be so damn incoherent has the right to criticize anything higher up the evolutionary ladder than a garden slug. BTW, Captain Morgan kicks ass.

#31 10-25-2004 @ 07:53:08 PM
Posted By: ricehater000 Reply | Edit | Del
he really sucks with the suffixes

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