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From: PeggysueLockaby@aol.com      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:42:47 Comments: 82 (Read/Post)
I think u FUCKING ricecops are just jealous cause your fucking hillbilly big ass pickup trucks and cars that are slow as hell. Most of these cars run faster than camarhos and ruststangs like the new focus hitting 7.2@172 mph. That explains why they made a movie about rice instead of fucking gay ass hillbilly rides like u guys cause u dont have a life except to get jealous over something fast that u can't have. later hillbillys


Do you even read what you type? If you did you'd realize how damn stupid you are.
Posted by: Trooper


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#41 4-18-2002 @ 09:40:26 PM
Posted By: BMWPower Reply | Edit | Del
Stupid ass motherfucker there is no replacement for displacement bitch. Something your stupid ass little civic or whatever ur POS ricer is does not have. So fuck off. Ohh yeah Focus is a FORD dumb ass and FORD is AMERICAN.

#42 4-18-2002 @ 10:03:42 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
christ, bmw. chill the fuck out, you sound almost as dumb as he does.

#43 4-18-2002 @ 10:05:55 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Don't descend to thier level, I like to know that each and every one of my posts sends the ricers to dictionary.com to figure out I just insulted them..........

#44 4-19-2002 @ 04:02:36 AM
Posted By: NissanDriven Reply | Edit | Del
hahahahaha funny email. Ford cars blow. Finally something I can agree on something with someone on this site.

#45 4-20-2002 @ 09:55:00 AM
Posted By: Metalhead Reply | Edit | Del
Got Soy?

#46 4-21-2002 @ 08:04:15 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt Reply | Edit | Del
I've been off and on writing a script for a movie about cars which will include rice, serious imports, and various domestic factions. I'm trying to make the performance of the cars as realistic as possible. The script calls for such things as quarter mile scenes that take 18 seconds because the riceboys involved really are that slow, cars with body kits and cut springs getting the kits knocked off from going over a dip in the road too fast, and some hillariously lopsided matchups like a riceboy being beat by a tow pickup. It'll also have some spectacular examples of performance cars that aren't special effects, such as a wheelstanding rotary powered Toyota Starlet. This movie probalbly doesn't have a riceboy's chance against John Force of being filmed, but at least that means I can write exactly what I want to be in it without worrying about what will sell.

#47 4-21-2002 @ 09:49:16 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
sounds good to me matt. you've been gone a while...

#48 4-23-2002 @ 08:17:53 PM
Posted By: Bubba Reply | Edit | Del
Hey, I think the object of that movie was to show what a REAL muscle-car ( MOPAR ) can do to those POS Ricers !

[Edited by Bubba on 4-23-2002 @ 08:18:33 PM]

#49 4-23-2002 @ 09:33:18 PM
Posted By: ricebeater Reply | Edit | Del
dumb ass rice rocket loving ass. not only do white people like american cars but mexicans also. if you want to prove your " rice burning" honda or pos acura or what ever buzz bomb you have race a muscle car stock with out any pos air help and learn how to spell.

#50 4-23-2002 @ 09:38:01 PM
Posted By: ricebeater Reply | Edit | Del
oh yeah i also forgot ill race you. street light to street light if i win you pay for my gas if you win ill give you a sack of rice

#51 4-23-2002 @ 09:41:12 PM
Posted By: ricebeater Reply | Edit | Del
hey bubba nice car i cant agree with you more that that was designed to show how a charger can crash and still win. and it shows you how crapy that rice rocket was it needed 3 hits of nas and the charger didnt use any at all

#52 4-25-2002 @ 03:31:13 AM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Memo to all riceboys: never, NEVER try to claim you're better than us based on full-on dragsters. First, drag cars aren't what we're concerned with. When's the last time you pulled up next to a full-bore, fiberglass-bodied, tube-framed race car at a stoplight, or on Saturday night at the local dragstrip? What we're concerned about is the average street car you might encounter and race in those situations. Secondly, if you try to make claims based on dragsters, we'll beat you. Bob Rieger's '57 Chevy runs 6.5s at over 210, and it's street legal. Steve Grebeck's (race in peace, Steve) '01 Mustang ran a 6.55. Also street legal. Thirdly, you look retarded trying to claim that imports are better than domestics on the basis of a FORD FOCUS. THINK ABOUT IT.

[Edited by Mad Max on 4-25-2002 @ 03:32:14 AM]

#53 4-25-2002 @ 10:39:06 AM
Posted By: Iceman6480 Reply | Edit | Del
This person needs help. All I have to say is "Gone in 60 seconds", "Smoky and the Bandit", "Bullitt", "Dukes of Hazard", etc, etc. Riceboys get all excited about 1 movie made about some gay cars, when us American car people have god knows how many more made about decent cars. You show me a Jap car without mods that can outhandle my stock suspension 1989 ford T-bird with independent suspension that can take a sharp corner at 60 miles an hour with minimal tire squeal. Nuff said. Until then hope they all like seeing my taillights

#54 4-27-2002 @ 01:43:46 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
Different strokes for different folks.If the car is fast I think we shouldn't care what it looks like.Like lots of muscle cars I see are ugly as hell but they might be fast right?Most imports I see on a day to day basis are surely slow as hell,but look in certain peoples mind good.Not to me though but some.I hope I don't get bitched at for saying this but it's how I feel.

#55 4-27-2002 @ 10:28:35 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
I respect your opinion, because you said it in a clear rational way with no use of words like 'cum' and 'fuck' every other line. Now personally I love the looks of muscle cars, but you don't ok, we all like different things. I do care what my car looks like, so I want to go fast in something that looks nice, cause like I've said before with enough money ANYTHING can be fast. You can make a Honda Civic damn fast with the right amount of money, now doing so might include throwing away that 4 cyl. and putting in a V-8 (refabricating like the whole car in the process). Now that thing would run, but I wouldn't do so because Civics are some damn ugly cars. So I would rather pour that money into my Firebird because it's a bad ass looking car (or so I think and am often told, but you don't think so that's fine). Honestly I don't think there is anything wrong with putting in a stereo and rims and stuff on the outside without touching the motor. Maybe you don't have the knowhow, and also maybe

[Edited by firebird4ever on 4-27-2002 @ 10:35:35 AM]

#56 4-27-2002 @ 10:34:52 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
you think your car is fast enough as it is. So if you want to put a big spoiler and crome rims on your stock 4 cylinder Civic, well then more power to you. My big problem comes when the people with all these spoilers, graphics, huge exhaust tip, and no engine mods think they can outrun me just cause they think they are a race car now. I have put rims and tires on my car, I got a cowl induction hood because I needed a new hood so I figured why not, and I also got a flame job on my car and I haven't done really anything major to my V-6, that's because I decided to drop in a bigger motor and get the same effect as many mods quicker, and also have a better platform to build on. This is fine to me, but unlike the ricers I don't go around and try to race V-8's like I'm a super badass and will win, I know my car's place...it's above the 4 cylinders and below the V-8's.

#57 4-28-2002 @ 01:04:05 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
Man,you are cool.I was expecting a bunch of shit from some of the people on here.Anyway,I think that I am into Japanese cars because I wasn't raised on domestic performance.Plus I know that my V6 corsica can beat on most improts in my area.Even if it's an Automatic.Those guys that think they're all that with a slow car kinda get on my nerves as well.Thanks for being so respectful about it all.

#58 4-28-2002 @ 10:19:18 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
I've said it before, but I'll say it again because it needs to be clear to all the folks who stop by here, we don't hate on Ricers because they like forein cars, as CRacer said, everyone has a prefference. We also don't hate on them because they modify thier cars, more power to you, here's to not being a good little corporate sheep. 99% of ricing in my opinion is that annoying, stuck up additude they carry around that thier cars are fast and better and that all american cars are crap, and all the other stuff we've had thrown at us here, the name calling alone should tell you what level these guys function on

[Edited by Low-Tech Redneck on 4-28-2002 @ 10:19:34 AM]

#59 4-28-2002 @ 11:06:23 AM
Posted By: NOSsucks Reply | Edit | Del
My universal response to hate mail sent to this site is... car 2074

#60 4-28-2002 @ 12:04:22 PM
Posted By: Mindspynn Reply | Edit | Del
Well said low-tech. I agree. I am a MOPAR girl all the way, but I like other cars like Cameros, Firbirds, Supras, and the new RSX(oops...I mean the new Integras-we're the only country that calls them RSXs). I don't hate imports. If I did I wouldn't be drooling over Porche, Lamborgini, and Ferrari. =) Also, I still want to know what car preference has to do with a persons sexuality....

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