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From: Matthew Nowak      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:07:25 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
I have four words for you sir...More Power To You! I'm not going to go in depth about the whole riceboy phenomena. Personally I think that it will be short lived seeing as, it is a trend. There are two things that piss me off in the world of automobiles, one is Riceboys; the second is, they believe that people are jealous of their cars. Please allow me to say what is really the case. The reason we drop our jaws when we see a "fixed up" Honda or any other piece of rice on the street, is because the first notion in mind is how ugly the car is. Needless to say, all riceboy cars and their owners are shit! No exceptions. What blows my mind the most is these people actually believe they're something to be feared and respected. Believe me when an Eclipse, with a wing higher than the roof and an exhaust tip big enough to fit a bowling ball in it, lines up with me at the light I am not intimidated, and the last thing that Eclipse will get is my respect. Perhaps if some of these idiots who respond to you, would write clearly without adding the word "cum" or "fuck" in every sentence and gain a sense of reality as to the horrid state of their cars, I would give them some respect.
-please note, I used Honda and the Eclipse as examples not focusing on them specifically- RICEBOY LINGO-->"Im not dissin' on yo ride, I usin' it as an example homey-G."

Posted by: Trooper


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