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From: Anonymous Coward      Posted On: 2004-06-10 18:59:41 Comments: 2 (Read/Post)
Yeah me again, um well u should be jealous, Have you ever won atrophy for your ride or do you even have a car?what do you drive The initials BMX ring a bell? well if you havent won any just thought you might like to know ive won a total of 12 in 1 year so now what?im the one that reminded u of your cum stains on the keyboard and quit doing that to your POODLE, thats ILLEGAL!! _______your NEW \"BUDDY\", (RICE ON THE RUN) like the name its because im so scared of being caught. and another thing, me scared of those cars that go \"BLUB BLUB BLUB\"........no! ive beaten those things, theyve beaten me i guess that 75 shot o\' NOS helps me out a little huh?

In the previous email you told me to get a life, yet less then an hour after I update I get another email from you. Now which one of us really needs to get a life?
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 9-23-2004 @ 11:52:21 PM
Posted By: 1990sr20det Reply | Edit | Del
Actually the letters bmx do ring a bell.. as in i have two cars and i still ride bmx ... and 75 shot of nos hahah in what a 91 hp civic? you probably managed to take a v6 stang

#2 10-27-2004 @ 07:22:15 PM
Posted By: ricehater000 Reply | Edit | Del
Actually a V6 anything can probably kick his ass. A little comment on the 12 in 1 year car award thing, I only have two words to say: MY ASS

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