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From: Chris P.      Posted On: 2004-10-18 00:30:31 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Man, your site's awesome! I'm sure you're aware we've got the plague in Australia too.

Is hip-hop/rave culture just making fun of itself? Are people just sick of being cool and rare for a week only for it to become world pop culture the next? That's my theory: Ten years ago "word up" and "yo yo" became too common with caps backwards... so now they're competing with "bling bling" and "fo nizzle my shizzle" because it's silly and daring... It'll never catch on... which again has already made it into prime time adverts. All along with caps at 15 degrees, hanging at the local McDonalds carpark showing off their "sweet rides".

I mean, come on! My mode-of-transport looks better (or sillier) on the OUTSIDE? For fucks sake, it's a car! Most have four wheels and get you where you're going. When I drive my car I'm more interested in how comfortable my arse is and how much I can save on fuel and spend on myself.

I think more people should be awarded for getting around functionally and cost-effectively... That takes intelligence... Save your money for something useful... like an education! (I've read some of your hate mail.)

Top three funniest I've seen...

3. I was up at the local shopping centre one night to see if a store was open... when I drove through the abandoned carpark there's a congregation of ricers. Driving by I noticed that 3, 5, 8, 15, holy shit, all of them were Nissan Skylines. Well, they do say to compare
apples with apples... An orange would be unwelcome.

2. This was more sad than anything... A rice car pulls into the servo and floats across THREE parks. The stupid blonde should invest some money into learning to drive before she spends it on her car. I know I'm more impressed by driving ability. (I mean real ability... not "I can put my foot to the floor and travel in a straight line")

1. I'm trying to get out of a parking lot that's got a couple of those 3-4 inch metal speed bumps. No problem right... But I'm stuck behind some lowered shiny penis with a plastic body kit and skirts all around. He's creeping at about 1/2 a kph trying to get as far to the side as he can, so he only needs to lift two tires. So I overtook him at 30... felt like I ran over a pencil. G-doomp g-doomp.

Tied with this one was a guy I saw the other night who crunched the front of his body kit coming down a steep incline in a parking lot. Hah!

All these body mods that "make your car faster" actually require you to drive slower in every day situations... go figure. Anyway... by the time these little shits are 20, move out of home and get a real job they'll get over it and realise that it's all a waste of time and money and that driving like a dickhead will only lead to trouble... (Hey, I can dream can't I)

Oh, oh... and there was the little hyundai excel... little bubble chick car... it had mass body kit action with a wing that stood about 3 ft high... Notice that they all say you're jealous when you bag em out... If we were jealous we'd compete! But I could go on all day.

Anyway... just thought I'd share that... sorry it's a bit long... keep up the good work.

Posted by: Trooper


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