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From: Sean K.      Posted On: 2004-08-15 12:38:33 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
I really think this site is hilarious and I'm quite upset I didn't find it sooner. I do not drive a domestic V8, etc. that all the ricers seem hate so much. I actually drive an Eagle Talon (aka Mitsubishi Eclipse) that is turbo-charged and all wheel drive. I have ONLY modified my car for performance, it looks completely stock from the outside and inside.

I really hate the way ricer body kits and wings look. The worst, and I mean the absolute WORST, is when these ricers put the body kit on prior to having it painted. If they spend sooooo much money on it, why not wait to have it painted instead of rolling around with primer or white fascias on a black car?

My favorite part of the site is hatemail. While I imagine most ricers would see the website and ignore it, some actually go through the entire thing and then write in on it! Reading through some of the hate mail, I think they all use a Mad Libs program or something similar to write it. Example:

One of you [vulgar expletive]'s put one of those [vulgar expletive] tickets on my ride. If I ever catch you doing that again, I will [violent action] you. You are a loser and too busy [homosexual action] your [father/mother] to fix up your ride like mine. You are jealous because you don't have the money like I do to put in your ride. You should try [procreating with females / visiting dance clubs / meeting with acquaintances] instead of bashing these nice rides, you loser. I'd like to see you in [City, State] sometime and my [rice burner] will beat your [American car pun (CamarHo, Rustang, etc.)]. Go [homosexual action] yourself. Loser.

The program then must randomly change grammar to make a perfect hate mail. None of these guys are losers for visiting a site. It probably takes more time to read the site then it takes to keep it running...idiots.

A few observations from this hate mail:

Ricers love to dump loads of money into a car that usually (not always) is less then $20k. Most of this money goes into non-performance modifications in the name of aesthetic appeal. To them, sure, but most people think they look plain complicated and ugly. Sometimes, real performance mods go into the vehicle, but often long after the ugliness has begun. Even if this car is really fast, who cares if it's ugly? I don't need a beautiful car that's fast, but I want it to atleast not be so darn mutilitated that no one knows what it started out as. Most ricers fit the stereotype of what you see in most rap/hip hop videos, people that think money, friends, girls, and cars are life. Life is sooo much more and these people need to realize this. The issue is, most ricers grew up in poor neighborhoods (minus the rich kids that always try to emulate this type of pop culture) where showing how
wealthy you are through women, cars, and modifications is important for status. They simply want attention. I'm not saying ALL ricers fit either category, but the majority
do. Call it stereotyping, but so be it. My car is secondary to many other things in life.

Ricers need to wake up and realize that just because a website is dedicated to their terrible style and people give them tickets to recognize this, it does not mean anyone is stopping them from doing what they "love." If ricecop.com fans went out and destroyed cars, that would be a whole different issue. Maybe I'm putting too much faith in the community of non-ricers, but if ricers made some kind of non-import-bashing ticket similar to ricecop.com's, I don't think many people would do much more then laugh, tear it up, and throw it away. These ricers sure do become charged about accusations made, but hey, you're "dissing" their lifestyle. It's a conundrum we'll never see the end of until ricing goes away. A true fad of the times.

Thanks again for the site, it's provided me with some real laughs and provided me access to the thoughts of others that agree with my perspective. Sorry for the length of the email, but ricing is a plague.

Posted by: Trooper


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