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From: Racewagons@yahoo.com      Posted On: 2004-06-10 19:10:31 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
You are nothing but a low-down punk! Get over your self!

Your site is Hateful! You target people that did nothing to you and for that you are a bitch, you also happed to target japanese people and their cars and call them derogatory racist things like "Rice Boy", and for that you are a racist bigot! I t would be the same thing if you targeted big-body cars with loud stereos and 20-inch chrome rims and call it N*gg*r Cop. Or target low riders and call it Sp*ck Cop. You are no better than any KKK slave driver bastards. You people need to realize this. If its all a joke, It AIN'T FUCKIN' FUNNY DAMMIT! I know your gonna make some witty little ego-maniac response to this letter pointing out some spelling error in the letter and passing over it as if it wasn't even important. Well, if you REALLY want to defend your damn site just answer me this one question that everybody has asked yet somehow YOU can't seem to EVER answer:
1. What kind of car do you have?
And another thing, nobody ever tried to say that they think stickers or yellow paint make their cars faster. You came up with that all by yourself. The only reason anybody puts stickers on thier fucking cars is to make it look better. Somtimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, thats their problem. the only other reason to put a sticker is to show what performance parts you have, some people do put a NOS sticker but do not have NOS, but do I ever see you looking under the hood to see if the sticker is true? Hell Fucking No! you just assume that nobody could possibly have any of those parts and give them a ticket. You can't back yourself up, I'm At Racewagons@yahoo.com, why don't you write me back this time and try to defend yourself, I wanna see what you really have to say.

Ok, ok.. I'll cancel the official Ricecop cross burning that I had all planned out.

Seriously though , "rice" refers to cars, not people. You are a "rice boy" if you drive a "rice" car, regardless of your nationality, race, etc.
Posted by: Trooper


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