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From: Anonymous Coward      Posted On: 2004-06-10 19:09:06 Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
Well after looking at your site, there's only one word to describe it and you: LOSER. Yep. Loser with a capital L. I bet you are the type of dork who plays video games all day and listens to Brittney Spears, BSB, N Sync, etc etc. A good friday night for you is Golfland, the arcade, Chuckie Cheese. . .damn tight hangouts if I say so myself. GET a life bro. You seriously need one. Instead of going out like a lameass at night looking for souped up imports, maybe you should actually go to a club with a girl or some friends. Whoops. . .I forgot. . .girls don't go out with losers. . .and losers don't have any friends. Sorry. Well, you always have the cat you fruitboot, and your old beater piece o shit Chevy Nova from 1972 that is a 12 second rustbucket or whatever. Oooo sooo fast look out. I'd rather have somethin that looks nice (or at least has some style) than a piece o shit rustbucket that burns minivans off the line on the way to the grocery store. Big freakin deal. So it goes fast. Wow. Look how impressed I am d: | . You are so cool. What do you have to prove you kook, that you can beat soccer moms off the line? Damn. Don't go out doggin us just because we got some style. Some of us have good style, others of us have bad style. But we still have style. You don't have anything. It hurts, doesn't it?

Hahahah.. I love how you draw all these conclusions about me from this web site. Damn "tight" hang outs? Why don't you pull those pants up and put that baseball cap on straight "bro"? Also, who's writing into a web site on Friday night? That would be you.. so who's really in need of a life? And I'm not dogging you because you have some style, I'm dogging you because you have a lack of any style. Sorry to break it to you but putting stickers on a Japanese economy car does not qualify as style. But I guess a lack of any style is still style and you seem to be happy with that conclusion. Oh yea, I love the subject line of your email, "You dumbass beeeatch". Do you really talk like that?
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 2-01-2005 @ 12:00:10 AM
Posted By: TheHellWithRicers Reply | Edit | Del
Yeah. Ricer style ain't the one to be having my friend. I'd rather drive some 72 Nova than some pos ricer you probably drive. Hmm ... American muscle or ricer? I think American muscle is the much better choice. You are full of shit man. All you ricers think you are so tough, you talk a good game but I think you are just a little pussy with a ricer. About your comebacks! Dude, come on! Don't be a sped and come up with your pathetic comebacks. Don't waste our time. "girls don't go out with losers". Please. Invest your money in something else. No style in a car is better than seeing some ricer going down the street. What a queer! Oh I drive a ricer! Lets see how stupid I can be. Ha Ha Ha...

#2 2-01-2005 @ 04:14:16 AM
Posted By: TheHellWithRicers Reply | Edit | Del
One more thing. What ricer has good style? Can you show us some pictures of a ricer with good style? I have yet to see one! Oh wait a second - thats why they are called a ricer. What am I thinking. Ricers have nothing but BAD style. Burm 'em!

#3 2-01-2005 @ 10:20:23 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Also, since when does bolting 300 pounds of fiberglass, a coffee can, and F1 wing classify as "souped up". Ooooo, look out! An angry swarm of bumblebees are coming! Secondly, I would love to have a 12 second car even if it is a rustbucket, just to take satisfaction in smacking down your lame ass 4 banger!

#4 5-29-2005 @ 11:53:20 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
He should make sure that his head is completely out of his ass before writing an e-mail.

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