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Submitted by: Max M.       Ticketed: Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
Pretty soon people will be putting wagon wheels on their cars.

Make/Model: Ford Crown Victoria   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 1-25-2005 @ 12:06:47 AM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
I've been seeing a lot of blinged-out Crown Victorias all of a sudden. Don't know why.

#2 1-25-2005 @ 08:06:36 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#1, Because retired cop cars are dirt-cheap when bought at auction?

#3 1-25-2005 @ 01:00:46 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del
#2, They're also run to hell. I almost bought one at an auction until I saw the engine. Most of them have oil seeping out of the head and scorched dip sticks. Speaking of dip sticks, it looks as if this guy wallpapered his car!

#4 1-25-2005 @ 02:43:32 PM
Posted By: moparornocar Reply | Edit | Del
theres nothing like a big sticker thats supposed to look like designer fabric and 20s on a car to make it say "My owner is a crack dealing, ghetto scumbag with bad taste"

#5 1-26-2005 @ 12:34:39 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Anytime you have to put a body lift on to fit your rims, should be a clue they weren't designed for that car.

#6 1-26-2005 @ 02:11:56 AM
Posted By: DOMEZTIK Reply | Edit | Del
#2, True. My Caprice was only $800 at the smalltown dealer I bought it at. But, it was a repo from the owner who bought it after it "retired." All it needed was a battery and starter cause it had sat forever.

#7 1-26-2005 @ 11:53:10 AM
Posted By: Metalhead2003 Reply | Edit | Del
This isn't the first car I have saw with a body lift to accompany the rims. I don't know what the hell they put on the bottom of this thing, looks like hell though. Besides, outside of Vics being cop cars, the only civilians that buy them are old people. It is pretty funny to see a 16 yr. old driving down the road with a "tricked" Vic bumpin away with his seat laid back as far as it goes thinking he is hott shit though.

#8 1-26-2005 @ 12:25:04 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#7, I dunno, I like Crown Victorias and I'm 21. The only thing that really puts me off of them is the Ford 4.6 engine.

#9 1-28-2005 @ 08:38:23 PM
Posted By: Serb Reply | Edit | Del
i can bet u this idiot is or was either a cop or taxi driver cuz y else would anyone throw monay away on a fkin crown vic... come on man this car was built for tha cops taxi drivers n old ppl but somehow it now attracts "gangstas" lmfao

#10 1-28-2005 @ 10:35:16 PM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Speaking of enormously, oversized rims on cars, theres some idiot running my hometown with 24's on a mid 70's Caprice, and I think 26's on a 70's Impala. Next time I see these beasts, I'll have to get a picture.

#11 1-31-2005 @ 08:33:21 PM
Posted By: marquisman Reply | Edit | Del
that a nice vic, but it needs a new owner, like me. lol.

#12 2-03-2005 @ 07:42:41 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
Uh-oh, it's the bling-bling police fo' shizzle! I once saw a kid with 24 inch spinners on a 91 Gran Marquis, needless to say he had to raise his car about two inches, it looked like something out of the DUB magazine bad idea file. But at least it was ghetto fabulous.

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