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Submitted by: Anonymous       Ticketed: Comments: 21 (Read/Post)
Another case of bad automotive crossbreeding. 99.9% of the time you attempt it you will end up with an ugly, retarded lovechild like this.

Make/Model: Toyota Corolla   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 10-25-2003 @ 12:57:40 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
I vote for some automotive euthenasia, if it's this bad after just one generation, think of the children! Won't someone please think of the children!?

#2 10-25-2003 @ 01:43:56 PM
Posted By: Holley Reply | Edit | Del
Obviously this is the long lost father of the Aztec ; )

#3 11-21-2003 @ 09:11:30 AM
Posted By: BEST45CAL Reply | Edit | Del
When you have a person who is motivated to get what he wants but has no money or artistic talent, this is usually what you end up with. It just goes to show you what a person can do with some cardboard, duct tape, empty coffee tins and a can or two of spray paint. It just goes to show you what you can do if you DREAM!

[Edited by BEST45CAL on 11-21-2003 @ 09:12:15 AM]

#4 11-24-2003 @ 05:08:23 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del
Hey, look! the ocean's near by! Push it in! Push it in!!

#5 12-17-2003 @ 02:49:54 AM
Posted By: MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
One can only hope this is a joke, but I wouldnt put it past some of these idiots.

#6 12-23-2003 @ 03:17:36 PM
Posted By: stang392 Reply | Edit | Del
#5, looks to good to be, by good i mean the fact its been painted

#7 12-29-2003 @ 01:46:05 AM
Posted By: MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
#6, Might have been his inner artist.... :P

#8 1-03-2004 @ 11:38:02 PM
Posted By: BEST45CAL Reply | Edit | Del
The Mercedes Toyota Corolla 1.6 DX (the really good one).

#9 1-08-2004 @ 02:53:30 PM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#7, He should have left it inner.

#10 1-08-2004 @ 02:53:51 PM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
OMG! OMG! Ghost in the first pic! In the drivers seat!

#11 1-08-2004 @ 05:18:14 PM
Posted By: kraziek Reply | Edit | Del
If i had a benz and someone stole the hood ornament i would hunt them down, drag him into the street and shot him in the ass.

#12 1-09-2004 @ 05:39:21 AM
Posted By: Bronze Reply | Edit | Del
I hate to break it to you guys but this is a mostly stock limited edition Snoop Dog Corollazizzle.

#13 1-21-2004 @ 02:22:49 PM
Posted By: BEST45CAL Reply | Edit | Del
#12, Fo' shizzle.

#14 1-24-2004 @ 12:12:53 AM
Posted By: MexiPatrol Reply | Edit | Del
The only actuall question is, which smurf did this piece of shit eat?

#15 1-29-2004 @ 11:42:02 PM
Posted By: RyCe_MuNkIe Reply | Edit | Del
Well...... cardboard is lighter than most metel.... *fakes a grin*...

#16 4-28-2004 @ 08:20:25 PM
Posted By: Litto-Anti-Rice-babe Reply | Edit | Del
OMG i never thought this day would come...a ricer with a fucking air vent for the back window...how idiotic can people get? THE color is horrible, theres an air vent on the back, and it has a ridiculously huge ugly wing..haha..i wonder if it can even hit 20 MPH..

#17 6-03-2004 @ 02:53:27 AM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
Ok, I'm willing to bet the farm that this is wetback rice. And I'm allowed to say that because I'm latino myself. I'm sure most of you know there is quite a significant difference between the usual rice and HISPANIC rice. The wetback or "choont" ricers for the most part don't read or speak english so they have no idea what it is they are putting on their cars and what their meaning is, usually their cars are plagued with Nike swoosh stickers, last time I checked NIKE didn't make car parts. Inappropriate badging is another thing such as the case with the mercedes emblem on the front of this corolla. Being latino myself, I find this very embarrassing. This piece of shit is so cartoonie that it looks like it's going to transform into a robot any minute. But even that is an offensive remark because Transformers are cool, but this piece of crap sure ain't.

[Edited by musclecar on 6-03-2004 @ 02:58:55 AM]

#18 6-04-2004 @ 09:12:19 AM
Posted By: rice_reaper Reply | Edit | Del
you call that a car? I call that a transformer just look at it. God damn asians What next.

#19 6-04-2004 @ 09:13:34 AM
Posted By: rice_reaper Reply | Edit | Del
and yes musclecar transformers are awsome but this thing is so damn hispanic it scares me. I think I have been scared for life. THINK OF THE CHILDREN

#20 6-09-2004 @ 01:40:25 AM
Posted By: MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
Im willing to bet the farm its a joke.

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