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Submitted by: LogicalInsanity       Ticketed: Comments: 18 (Read/Post)
You know you have a bad paint job when someone can't tell whether you wanted your car to look like that or if it was vandalized in the worst possible of way.

Make/Model: Dodge Neon   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 1-28-2003 @ 10:16:38 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Looks like one of those rubix puzzles, wehre you have to rotate the pices to get the colors to line up, in that case, I'll just apply my usual solve strategy, smash it with a hammer, then re-assemble.. maybe just smash with hammer..... yeah, thats it

#2 1-31-2003 @ 02:55:30 PM
Posted By: Honda Hunter88 Reply | Edit | Del
Looks like some crackhead drunk puked all over it.

#3 1-31-2003 @ 08:47:33 PM
Posted By: AutobahnRacer Reply | Edit | Del
I think these billion color sh*t paint jobs are hand done,and about $8,000. Sad

#4 2-03-2003 @ 07:39:22 PM
Posted By: johnny kraut Reply | Edit | Del
all that work and its still a neon.

#5 2-05-2003 @ 03:36:56 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del

(excuse my spelling)

#6 2-05-2003 @ 05:11:08 PM
Posted By: anti-neon_chick69 Reply | Edit | Del
yuck! It looks like a rainbow took a BIG shit on this car....neons are a waste!

#7 2-06-2003 @ 08:38:34 PM
Posted By: Neo Starr Reply | Edit | Del
Looks like a bunch of preschoolers went crazy with the finger paint

#8 2-22-2003 @ 08:39:29 PM
Posted By: brett1586 Reply | Edit | Del
This has to be the worst paint job i have ever seen on a car ever!!!!! OMG this guy is an idiot! And doing that to a dodge neon is even worse! Doing anything to a neon derserves a life sentence! this car is a disgrace to all the guys with cars that are nice!

#9 2-25-2003 @ 10:36:32 PM
Posted By: cessna158 Reply | Edit | Del
I seriously don't understand. Are there actually people out there who think this looks cool, or even anything but disgusting? Who are this guys' friends, and what do they do in their spare time? If you can't drive to your mailbox without getting laughed at, you should get the hint that you're doing something wrong... Oh, and if I had friends that were that good of friends that they would be seen riding in that, then this guy's got the most loyal (and moronic) friends in the world...

#10 3-17-2003 @ 11:18:51 AM
Posted By: der_panzer Reply | Edit | Del
ROFLMAO! There used to be a fried chicken joint in Dayton, OH that had chicken noises piped through the P.A. system outside. The first time I drove by, I saw the place and saw a privacy fence around the back and I thought for a minute or two that the actually had live chickens on premises. Maybe that is where this turd got the chicken wire... :)

#11 3-17-2003 @ 05:06:46 PM
Posted By: NoFuture Reply | Edit | Del
With colors like that, this is now the official homosexual car

#12 3-19-2003 @ 07:27:24 PM
Posted By: Cappy Reply | Edit | Del
#3, y would someone pay for a paint job like that.

#13 3-19-2003 @ 10:54:33 PM
Posted By: northstar_V8 Reply | Edit | Del
you know it's bad when your partially colorblind friend looks at this neon and says it looks shitty....

#14 3-20-2003 @ 03:05:16 AM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#12, Seriously. I will do grafitti on your car for real cheap. Just buy me the paint.

#15 3-20-2003 @ 07:59:48 AM
Posted By: Cappy Reply | Edit | Del
#14, Well this is what i call a Paint Job Gone BaD

#16 3-23-2003 @ 08:42:45 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
how nice

i've seen this job too much

#17 3-26-2003 @ 10:13:29 AM
Posted By: zlazlozla Reply | Edit | Del

#18 8-22-2003 @ 11:49:36 PM
Posted By: laxma16 Reply | Edit | Del
That neon looks like it got tagged by a ravenous gang of 2nd graders. I really hope he didn't pay for that crap.

[Edited by laxma16 on 8-22-2003 @ 11:50:54 PM]

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