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Submitted by: Phoenix       Ticketed: Comments: 10 (Read/Post)
Rather mundane by Ricecop standards but take a look at those dash gauges. With the gauges labeled in Kanji one can only guess as to the true top speed of this thing. My guess as to the meaning of the Kanji labels? I think they probably mean something to the effect of: Fast, Really fast, Really really fast, Super fast, OMG Fast!, mAd tYt3 Sp33D y0!!.

Make/Model: Honda Prelude   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-14-2002 @ 09:58:57 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder Reply | Edit | Del
man where do you come up with that stuff, mAd tYt3 Sp33D y0!!. lmao

#2 8-15-2002 @ 06:30:19 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt Reply | Edit | Del
"No, officer, I had no idea how fast I was going." Maybe those gauges are there to give him an excuse for speeding.

#3 8-15-2002 @ 10:04:27 PM
Posted By: mustangpower21 Reply | Edit | Del
The white lites make me look like I'm going fast but the car can't brak 80MPH.

#4 8-16-2002 @ 12:31:36 PM
Posted By: MulletPatrol Reply | Edit | Del
Meh, they're just traditional old style Chinese/Japanese numerics.

The speedometer is labeled in 20 mph clumps while the tach is just the single numbers. Pretty lame, considering that using Kanji for numbers on dials and what not is considered very antiquated.

#5 8-17-2002 @ 09:35:16 AM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt Reply | Edit | Del
Yeah, I thought those were in 20 mph increments (I recognize the numbers from that Taipei game on my computer, LOL). You're not kidding about Kanji not being used for numbers too often. I've run across quite a few documents and technical drawings in Japanese at work, and they all seem to use Arabic numbers.

#6 8-17-2002 @ 10:20:00 AM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
I've got a lot of stuff with Japanese printing on it, too. Text is usually in Kanji, numbers are usually arabic.

#7 8-18-2002 @ 09:20:25 PM
Posted By: Mindspynn Reply | Edit | Del
...typical rice..

#8 8-21-2002 @ 02:23:51 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
Man, what a sleeper! It looks sorta mild, but there's no telling how fast this thing goes!

#9 8-22-2002 @ 08:19:36 AM
Posted By: cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
If only I had a Japanese keyboard could I tell you how fast this goes. But I dont have a Japanese keyboard, so no luck.

#10 10-26-2002 @ 08:51:17 PM
Posted By: Speedfreak2.0 Reply | Edit | Del
Dayyuuummmm. I want a set of those guages! If this guy's got 'em in reverse indiglo, I'm in!

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