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I don't know how many people that visit this site also visit the rice or not site but either way this is good. The rice or not site doesn't actually host any of the pictures, they're all links to other site which is how just about every "X or not" site works for the most part. If someone asks me to take a picture off I'll do it unless they're being an ass about it but so far everyone has been cool. So I get an email one day saying "blah blah blah please take our images off blah blah blah". Now the blah blah blah part was actually the guy attempting to make some sort of statement about bandwidth. At least that's what I understood of the broken English how-to that was this email. So hey, no problem, I understand the bandwidth thing, I'll take the pictures off. As I'm going through deleting his pictures from the rice or not I run across the one below.

Upon reading that I literally laughed out loud. I wish this picture contained half as much broken English as the email I got from the "CEO" of Serenity Sound USA but that would be like hitting the retard lottery twice in one day. In any case, I just thought I'd share exhibit 923092 that a majority of ricers are morons preoccupied with homosexuality (which always makes for entertaining reading).

Posted by: Trooper


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#21 3-30-2002 @ 04:07:54 PM
Posted By: Lebo Reply | Edit | Del

#22 3-30-2002 @ 08:26:27 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del

#23 4-03-2002 @ 05:38:01 PM
Posted By: Jurrell Reply | Edit | Del
Hey, you know what? That car looks gay. Hmmm maybe their pics make web sights look gay.....

#24 4-13-2002 @ 08:40:00 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
Oh yeah this site is messed up i went there and right clicked on a image and i goes "posible hacker you IP address has been fowarded to the webmaster do not try this again" what bitches oh yeah i did do it again and got the same message hehe

#25 10-05-2005 @ 02:05:57 PM
Posted By: 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
Those guys are internet tough.


#26 10-05-2005 @ 05:03:26 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
It's not hard to be a Billy Badass through e-mail. Like calling us "faggots" from 2000 miles away is gonna stop anything....

#27 10-06-2005 @ 05:05:57 PM
Posted By: Camaro Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
"Dick suck faggots" no less, I guess we're gay becasue we have have good taste in cars, and not that wannabe Nascar ricer flavor. Wiat I'm sorry Wannabe Nascar "Faggot" flavor.

#28 10-06-2005 @ 07:47:11 PM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
Would be great to have a fag kick their bony asses!

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