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2000 Custom Show Corvette Coupe - Chance of a lifetime!!

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Date: 2006-06-15, 3:22PM PDT

2000 Custom Show Corvette Coupe

Please take a look at for pictures of it after I rebuilt it about 20 months ago.

It has the following: (I tried my best to remember all that has been done and installed in it!)

2000 Chevy Corvette
53k miles


• Breathless Performance - Stage 2B- Up To 440HP
• Vortex Ram Air Induction Box
• Vortex Power Duct with silicone coupler
• BPP Ported Throttle Body*
• Throttle Body Coolant By-Pass
• 178 Degree Thermostat
• MSD Performance Plug Wires
• Beru Spark Plugs
• Corsa 3.5 Pro series exhaust
• BPP X-pipe
• BPP Long Tube Ceramic Coated Step Headers - Ceramic Coated
• (97-00 includes Upgraded MAF Housing and MAT sensor)
• 200 amp high output alternator Yellow Top 1200 CCA Gel Cell Battery

Stereo (Or rolling Concert Hall!):
• Clarion Auto-PC with DVD, MP3-CD, MP3-Memory card reader, Remote
• 6 disc CD changer, mobile phone and GPS capability!
• Two 7.5” LCD TV’s in dash – One in center console / one in passenger airbag location!
• Don’t forget the 15” LCD that comes out of the rear Corvette fascia!
Two Tsunami 1800T (1x1600 Watt) running the two Tsunami 15” subwoofers!
• One four channel SoundStream amp running sixteen mid and tweet separates throughout the interior! – Crystal clear audio sound!
• Sony Play Station II flushed in the dash under the passengers side LCD TV!
• You can play on any or all of the LCD TV’s with wireless remotes with game sound coming through the stereo!

• Extensive interior fiberglass work painted to match color and theme of exterior
• Door panels, center console, over bridge and rear storage area are custom installs for stereo components
White out instrument cluster that illuminates when the lights are on!
• Corvette Heads Up Display in dash – Displays vitals onto windshield
• Relocated stereo head unit, window, heat and air controls
• Black full power seats
• Two-tone (Yellow and Black) shift boot and brake boot
• Custom floor pads with yellow trim and yellow embroidered Corvette flags

• Shaved door handles and emblems removed (emblems are now air brushed on)
• Tinted windows – Solar Deflecting Yellow!
• Breathless carbon fiber hood painted to match
• Millennium Yellow leather bra and mirror covers
• Breathless lower rear brake ducts
• Breathless stainless side air duct grills installed
• Breathless stainless rear air duct bumper grills installed
• Breathless stainless front air duct bumper grills installed
• Breathless headlight eliminator kit
• Breathless racing gas door and carbon fiber ring
• Brand new Red Z06 calipers, zinc coated racing slotted rotors installed
• Brand new stainless braided brake lines installed
• Two tiered wing mounted to motorized rear hatch and painted to match
• Custom rear fascia with motorized Corvette emblem that comes out about 6"
• 15" LCD TV motorizes up from the top!
• License plate swivels to show two sides
• Professionally lowered 2" all around
• New tie rod ends installed all around with four wheel laser balance just completed
• Rear mono leaf was just removed and rear suspension upgraded
• Polished billet aluminum adjustable coil-over shocks with 500lb coil-over springs
• Millennium Yellow targa roof panel and tinted Roof panel included!
• Custom paint job – Millennium Yellow with Billiard theme all around inside / out!
• All motorized functions including door pops are on a twelve item keyfob remote system!

Rims and Tires:
• Custom Polo ‘776’
• 20” Rear and 18” Front with 40 series tires!


I am not sure of a total value to place on this Vette as it has more custom than I have ever owned. I have it currently insured for $100k but don't know if I could even replace it to this level for that. My carrier was puzzled at my dollar amount since it Blue Books for around $30k stock. But once I sent them the pictures and had there local inspector looked at it they agreed that it should be covered for at least that (And charged me accordingly!!!)

I am a very upfront person and have tried to explain all I could about it. It runs fantastic and has lots of power and is one of a kind.
The undercarriage was the next area I wanted to update as it is dirty and has scrapes from speed bumps and driveways but is mechanically safe and sound.
The paint and bodywork inside and out is beautiful but not without its flaws. There are a few small (tiny) chips in the paint that I have tried to touch up. I have three different colors of paint in pints that I can use all around.

This Corvette turns heads everywhere it goes and my Corvette club will be sorry to see it go. I still have a 1970 Convertible Stingray that I love to death and will still be able to show with it.

I have several interested people here that are looking for a cash deal and a possible trade for a 1991 Lamborghini Diablo (Gorgeous Car!!!!!) in San Diego.

I may be interested in trades (partial or full) and am into rare and custom things! This is an expensive and valuable Corvette so please take note when responding.

Please e-mail me with your thoughts. I take my cars very seriously and I will let you know if I am interested in your deal either way.

I will have it at the Shriners Concours at Mather Field (On Sunday June 11th). Please stop by and say Hi.

Thank you for your time.


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