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Thursday 12.9.04

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So after receiving quite a few emails regarding an article in the current issue of Mopar Collector's Guide (January 2005), I finally got around to getting my hands on a copy of the magazine. They did an excellent full page write up on the site although they referenced a few things that changed in this summer's site redesign. So if you're a MCG reader checking out the site, here is a quick run down of the changes:

The "You Know You're a Riceboy If..." and the Riceboy Rules were in the now defunct Articles section of the site. That area didn't receive much love so I axed it. I may have to put those two articles in the current Stuff section though.

The Defense section is another area that got the axe. There weren't too many people that wrote in to defend their cars and the people that did write in didn't have pictures of their cars on the site. Although that section is gone, anyone that is ticketed is free to create an account and post in the comments section if they see their car on here.

Top Officers will have to make a come back at some point, I just have to find the time to put that together.

The store is the final area that isn't here anymore. I got rid of it since I wasn't sure of the quality of the merchandise in there and I would rather sell no merchandise then half-ass merchandise. I do occasionally offer ticket books and quality t-shirts for sale, keyword occasionally.

If you want to check out the old ticketed vehicles you can see them in the Gallery or to view them with commentary just go through the Old News. I'm planning on adding a bunch of search features to the site so people can see exactly what they want (again, when time permits).

That about covers it. Thanks again to Mopar Collector's Guide for the excellent article. Definitely check the magazine out if you see it on the newsstand.

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