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Thursday 10.3.02

 Homemade Rice

Submitted by: Jordan S. Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
Let's face it, some people may not have enough money (or desire) to buy "real" mods for their cars. The examples below showcase some excellent (and cheap) alternatives to the offerings at your local auto shop.

First off, we can see that a little wood, some paint, and a magic marker is all you need to effectively make your truck into a bonified racing vehicle.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Anonymous Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
Who says there's no use for rusty old fencing and metal?

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Anonymous Comments: 9 (Read/Post)
Sheet metal, flood lights, and a little artistic flair is all you need to produce an effective and attractive body kit.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: MVP Comments: 2 (Read/Post)
What's that? You don't have the cash for those fancy and oh so attractive vinyl decals? One trip to the grocery store and $3 will provide an equally attractive appearance for a fraction of the cost.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

 Reader Submissions

Submitted by: Walter F.       Ticketed: Comments: 2 (Read/Post)
It's kind of like the Back to the Future DeLorean except with fake fire, no time travel capabilities, no gullwing doors, and it's not silver.. Ok, so maybe it's not like the DeLorean at all.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Jason F.       Ticketed: Comments: 5 (Read/Post)
Jason: I saw this beauty in the parking lot of the Giant Food Store in Plymouth Meeting, PA. I just HAD to grab a few shots before I went home to eat some Uncle Ben's. ;)

Cool guy strutted all the way across the parking lot into the store, stopping to chat with his buddies, who I got to meet a few minutes later. Sorry about the dark pics, but the lighting in the lot made the pics wash out if I used the flash. I couldn't get shots of the sides, since it was parked between two cars. I assure you that it was covered with decals all over both sides, one of which was a big 1 foot by 9 inch "NOS" decal.

So, I snap the rear pic and the world's dorkiest stock boys (his buddies) walk over. One asked if I liked his car, to which I reply, "I saw the guy get out of it and it wasn't you. But if you want to take credit for this, go ahead." He looked confused, but I guess he thought I was giving the car props. They were going on and on about how it had "Naawwwws" just put in, and pointed to the little blue bottle on the passenger A pillar. Well, it had NOS stickers on it, but it sure wasn't hooked to anything. And if it really did hold nitrous, it only would have enough for about 2 seconds of juice, anyway. Maybe he uses the funny juice as a fire suppressant, since he obviously had a little fire extinguisher on the A pillar. Great for adding injuries when it goes flying around during a crash. Couldn't get a pic because every window was tinted, including the windshield.

Note the white "Type R" badge on the hood. And the monster lettering on the windshield. And the "Fart Tip" exhaust (which cooleaux stock boys were all excited about). And the fact that he could hold all of my college textbooks on his wing. With all the money he put into this POS Civic trying to make it look good, he has his bumper all chipped up on the passenger rear.

It was also lowered, but not really too extreme. He had a set of wheels on it that probably exceeded the Kelly Blue Book value of the car.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Antipode       Ticketed: Comments: 8 (Read/Post)
Antipode: This was found at the Providence Place Mall in the parking garage. My friends and I were openly laughing at him as he went by, and of course he revved it to about 5000rpm, so we just laughed more.

Not shown in the picture is the blacklight mounted behind the chicken wire in the grill. Note the 5" tach w/ shift light, yellow high-performance shift boot, fire extinguisher on the A-pillar, 4-point harnesses (that go with the stock seat belts, I guess), altezza taillights, Maxwell House muffler, billet aluminum wing, and a body kit that makes this high-torque economy car look like it has running boards. Note the two different style (and color!) rims, a rarity.

Trooper: Two cardinal rules of rice:
1) You can never have enough tachometers in your car.
2) There's no such thing as too big when it comes to tachs.

This guys next step will probably be to replace the steering wheel with a giant tach.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Kellen       Ticketed: Comments: 5 (Read/Post)
The advantage of having access to gallons and gallons of White-Out.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Kellen       Ticketed: Comments: 5 (Read/Post)
Woops! Wrong banner. Just put it on anyway, no one will notice.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Anonymous       Ticketed: Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
So this is why ricer's need those big wings..

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

 Ricecop Oddities

Submitted by: Anonymous Comments: 14 (Read/Post)
Rice Patrol, coming to a neighborhood near you!

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Anonymous Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
The bastard child of a Ford Probe and a space ship.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper


Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Guy at dealership went joyriding in customer's '03 Cobra. Stupid enough to brag on a message board. See how the story unfolds.
Poke the penguin
Posted by: Trooper

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