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Friday 9.29.00

 Rust Ticket

Submitted by: Anonymous Comments: 3 (Read/Post)
Another pro-rice reader has felt compelled to create a ticket. Here it is along with the email it was attached to.

Although I may be considered "rice", I find your site very amusing. I decided to make a ticket of my own because I live in Oregon, and there are far too many wal-marts around here. And as you know, you people hang out in the wal-mart parking lots on a regular basis. So I think it's time to do something about it Anyway, I'm not going to bitch at you and comment on your sexuality or your mother. I just wanted to send you my ticket and warn you to watch for one on your windshield, because I know a few "ricers" in your area.

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I'm a dedicated K-mart shopper. 100% polyester and made in sweat shops.. it's the only way to go.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper


Submitted by: Trooper       Ticketed: Comments: 3 (Read/Post)
Here are a couple of cars I spotted that have some rice elements but weren't really worth ticketing.

Car #1:
Ok, this car isn't bad except for those taillights and one other problem this guy has. That problem would be that he's delusional and thinks he's driving something really special when in fact he drives a Civic. I see him everyday on my way to school parked in the same patch of grass next to the parking lot when there are plenty of spots available. What the hell is that all about? There are a lot of much nicer cars in the parking lot that don't park like jack asses, this guy needs a reality check.

Car #2:
This guy should have saved the money he spent on that fart tip, rims, and blue plastic wrap/tint he has on his headlights (for that realistic Xenon look) and fixed up that bumper and the holes on the trunk lid where the badge used to be. That license plate on the dashboard looks pretty slick too.

Car #3:
This car is probably pretty fast but the body kit is on the outrageous side and it looks mis-aligned in the front (along with the hood).

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

 Reader Submissions

Submitted by: DodgeBoy       Ticketed: Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
I want to know what other colors this guy was considering before finally settling on this one.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

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