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Saturday 8.26.00

 Welcome to Ricecop.com!

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Since Ricecop has only been up for two days now, it's understandable we're a little dry in the content area. We will be on duty from now on though, photographing and ticketing any ricer that we see in town.
We also encourage everyone to download and print up our ticket so you can ticket any ricer's you see. If possible, take a picture of the ricer (with the ticket on the windshield if you can) and send it in along with the ticket information and we'll post it a.s.a.p. You'll also get the credit for the citation if you like.
One final thing, if you would like to create your own ticket and have us post it or if you have ricer pictures to submit, just click the contact button on the left and choose the appropriate link to email us.
Posted by: Trooper

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