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Sunday 7.21.02

 Site News

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I added a new feature.. well I wouldn't go as far as calling it a feature, let's just call it a thing. So as I was saying, I added another new thing to the site. If you'll look to your right you'll notice the "Pic of the day". As you may or may not have guessed, that will show a new picture each day (updated a little after midnight). It randomly chooses from all the pictures on Ricecop and you'll never see the same one twice. How exciting!

I'll do a real update soon, fo' real mang.

Oh yea, you've got about a week to order the snazzy, high quality, guaranteed to get you lots of girls (or boys for you ladies out there) t-shirts. So if you want one, make with the ordering. The link is hidden at the top of the page in big red writing (I never was good at hide-and-seek).
Posted by: Trooper

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