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Friday 6.28.02

 Reader Submissions

Submitted by: Bandit5       Ticketed: Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
Putting stripes on your tail lights, just another example of the many uses of red tape.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Bandit5       Ticketed: Comments: 6 (Read/Post)
Bandit5: This guy circled the parking lot (revving at every possible opportunity) for a full half an hour before finally parking and going to work.

This car wouldn't be anything special if it weren't for that really awesome yellow center console. Not only does it look snazzy, it really speeds up things like changing radio stations and adjusting the temperature in the car.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: IcyHotStunna602       Ticketed: Comments: 26 (Read/Post)
Fast truck, yes. Does it need that goofy ass wing? No.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Michael B.       Ticketed: Comments: 9 (Read/Post)
Oh yea, the Cruisin' Mazda SiR. Options include taped up tail lights, free box of small decals, one horse-size Mazda decal, and two awesome "Cruisin'" banners that would inspire envy in just about anyone while leaving no doubt as to what you use your car for.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Justin D.       Ticketed: Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
Do what you will but nothing, I repeat, nothing will make a minivan cool.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Shun M.       Ticketed: Comments: 2 (Read/Post)
When wings get old they start to get a little saggy in the middle.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Eric M.       Ticketed: Comments: 18 (Read/Post)
Eric: Saw this car in Chicagoland area. Since the pictures were taken, he has added more hp by way of more yellow stickers and a giant aluminum wing.

Trooper: It's rare that I post an actual race car like this on the site but hey, when you have something with this many mods you just have to share it. I mean you've got everything from the SiR badge to the "R Racing" floor mats all the way to the light up valve stem caps. As if all that didn't induce enough fear in any would-be competitors this guy went ahead and got the steering wheel cover that real racers use, the seat belt cover thing which improves speed some how (engineers are still trying to figure that one out), bright red racing seat cover, and plenty of racing decals. Let's not forget those stylish, lightweight chrome hubcaps that not only scream "Fear me!" but impress plenty of girls to boot. With such an accessory heavy setup can you doubt the sheer speed this car can attain? It boggles the mind.. really, it does.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper


Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Lots and lots of crashed exotic cars
What's your Icy Hot Stunta name?
Posted by: Trooper

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