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Thursday 5.16.02


Comments: 25 (Read/Post)
Your eyes are not deceiving you, I actually updated the page. People said I was crazy, they said it couldn't be done, but once again I've beaten the odds and posted another update. I really need to update more, I have a ton of stuff to get up here.
While I have your attention, I've got a few questions. I want to know what you would like to see on the site, what could be done better, stuff like that. This includes the Rice or Not site and Linkage as well. Post your thoughts in the comments section, you'll find the link right under all these words.
Posted by: Trooper

 Episode 2

Comments: 7 (Read/Post)
Unless you live under a rock you probably know Episode 2 hit the theaters today. What did you think? Be nice and don't post any spoilers, mmkay?
Posted by: Trooper

 Reader Submissions

Submitted by: Jason L.       Ticketed: Comments: 26 (Read/Post)
Body kit, wing, bling-bling rims, overall it's pretty dull until you get to the "Life is hard. Pray Harder." sticker on the back. Needless to say, this guy has a LOT of praying to do.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Bob S.       Ticketed: Comments: 8 (Read/Post)
Not only is this guy delusional, he's also is giving mixed messages. First off, there's only one reason people will be looking at this and that is to laugh at it. This guy needs to wake up and realize he's driving a Mercury Sable. Now, judging from the car this guy is so full of himself he's about ready to burst. "All eyes on me" decals, "IZONME" license plate, but then you have two "You can't see me" decals on the roof rack. How can all eyes be on this hunk of crap if according to the roof rack, you can't see it? Speaking of roof racks, you're probably wondering why a high-performance machine like this has a roof rack. Well it's a little known fact that all high-end sports cars such as Mercury Sables, Ferrari's, etc. come equipped with a roof rack right from the factory. Most owners just choose to remove it.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: Uncle Ben       Ticketed: Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
I wonder what this guy won.. maybe it was that hot steering wheel cover.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

Submitted by: John S.       Ticketed: Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
A Mercury Cougar Type-R! You don't see these too often. Seems that Mercury owners that rice out their cars really think they're something special. You have "IZONME" two cars up and now you have "ENVYDIS" here. I have nothing against Mercury's but putting some decals and exhaust tips on your car isn't going to make anyone envious.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

 Ricecop Oddities

Submitted by: Anonymous Comments: 40 (Read/Post)
This guy won't be feeling too good in about half a second.

Make/Model:   Posted by: Trooper

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