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From: Melly      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:12:56 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
This site is just too cool. My ex-boyfriend brought "riced-out" cars to my attention about 3 or 4 years ago. He was in the process of what I call "pimping out" his 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais. He had one tinted window, had a fart-exhaust tip, and he tried to lower it, but did it by TAKING THE SHOCKS OFF (no I'm not kidding...this was the last modification he attempted, needless to say he doesn't own this car any longer.) He admired ricers of all types, the more stupid-looking, the better. Ever since then I have had a hatred of these cars. It saddens me even more b/c I have been longing to buy an Acura Integra forever, and this seems to be the most popular ricer. How anyone can do that to an Integra...it's just brainless. Anyways, I'll have to take a ticket book up to Clarksville, TN, b/c it seems that a certain area of the town is a hangout for rice boys and girls. Keep up the good work and I'll definitely recommend this site to all of my ricer-hating friends.

Posted by: Trooper


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