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From: library      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:08:14 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
What can I say? I hope you post this message up there so all the import racers can read this. I own my own speed shop here in the San Jose Bay Area. I deal with both imports and domestics, although we specialize in domestics. I own a 1997 Supra TT (all stock) and a 99 Camaro SS (slight mods). I can say, by personal experiance, import cars will not touch domestics. Even modded import cars will not touch them, why...they aren't made for performance. There are a few... Supra, Prelude, NSX and Skylines that will give domestics a run....but I consider three of those four rare...money-wise and the Skyline isn't in the US. The imports I deal with, after they mod them dyno out around 160 and below...the highest I've seen a import dyno is 190 and torque is less. Stock muscle cars...I'll even say a V6 muscle car comes with 200 hp and 225 torque. So, all these ricers can talk all the mess they want about how they'll beat our "rusty" american cars. I have the dyno results for every car I've worked on, videos and personal experiance. And to all the little immature kids who ride in the import car their parents bought for them... just shut up. Until they can prove otherwise that someone can beat this SS...I'll be a ricecop!

Posted by: Trooper


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