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From: EclipsexGST99@aol.com      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:48:39 Comments: 13 (Read/Post)
I've visited your site and it makes me wonder- how can you sit there and make fun of us with really nice cars that we put time and money into, when your sitting at home spending obviously wasteful hours and hours making some gay website? I mean come on you even have your own email address (riceboy.com). that screams *im a loser with no life* to me. at least we're out spending the money we have (haha cause believe it or not you do have to have money to be a "ricer", parts and mods cost lots of money) your prolly just jealous cause your poor ass cant afford them. why waste your time wandering around the streets alone with tickets you made professionally (who would waste their time?? oh yeah...YOU)so, if i ever get one of those tickets on MY car, i'll be sure to report it :) cause beleive it or not, your touchin private property... and..your just some gay computer nerd who gets off on probably just touching all those nice cars you ticket. have a nice day.

Woah.. hold the phone (it's cordless so you can still walk around with a gang-star limp). Really nice cars? Obviously our definitions of "really nice" differ drastically. Second, I think you're on the wrong site, this is ricecop.com, riceboy.com is next door to the pizza place on 5th. Anyway, to say I spend hours and hours making some gay website (how did you find out about my hotsweatystuds.com website anyway?) would be wrong. Trust me, it doesn't take much time to update a website every week or two. On the other hand, working at Subway full-time and throwing that money into a $10-$15k car that will depreciate drastically with no way of really recouping your investment would seem to fit right into the stupid category. Who in their right mind would be willing to pay X amount of dollars over MSRP for a Civic/Neon/Whatever when they could just get a far better car that doesn't look like a circus sideshow for that money? (oh yea... YOU)
I'd like to take a second and thank you on the ticket compliment. I actually made those myself so the fact that you consider them "Professionally done" is nice.
One more thing, next time I'd like more meatballs in my sub and don't be cheap with the sauce.
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 9-07-2002 @ 07:45:05 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Your Civic with altezzas, fake R badges and a double wing screams "I'm a loser with no life" to me buddy, so watch who you use that phrase with

Riceboy mods cost money, yes I know, I see them for sale all the time and can't believe you'd waste money on them, I on the other hand have spent a good deal of money on usefull/general mainenence parts for my car, which I somehow have time to work on, seeing as I live here on this website and all

Guess it wouldn't be a genuine ricecop hate mail without the token "gay" and "jealous" insults would it?

#2 9-08-2002 @ 01:35:20 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
Uh oh! Now we find out that touching other people's cars is illegal. Oh no! That means that all those people who leave flyers under my windshield wiper are breaking the law. That means you could get fined if you brush up against a car in a parking lot.

Riceboy gets sooo frustrated when he gets ticketed, so he assumes (he hopes) that there's a law against it, and doubtlessly gets even more frustrated when he finds out that there are NO laws against rice ticketing. Then he assumes we're jealous of his 10 year old economy car with the ugly alluminum wing and stickers and plastic bolted to the outside (oh, uh, excuse me, I mean "body kit"). Trust me, we all drive something nicer than that.

BTW, What the hell is "prolly"?

#3 9-08-2002 @ 02:23:37 PM
Posted By: kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
Probably = Prolly?

Sounds like the messed up looking GS Eclipse I ticketed! Altezzas, 'custom' paint, huge tacky wing, and a nasty window banner. A mall cop just watched me write the ticket from my truck and put it on the windshield. I was not arrested on the spot! - imagine that ;)

#4 9-08-2002 @ 05:54:35 PM
Posted By: 454Nova Reply | Edit | Del
i would like to meet this guy so i could see the piss stain in his seat after i leave that POS GS Eclipse in the 'ol big block nova. I'm sure the mere sound of a 500hp V8 would turn his hat backwards... wait, too late!

#5 9-09-2002 @ 12:57:40 AM
Posted By: Big Block Reply | Edit | Del
you st00pid ricers assume we're "jealous" of your rides...
did it ever occur to you, maybe WE have NICE rides? BETTER rides
than you? some of us DO have Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds,
etc., cars that look WAY better and are MUCH faster than your POS
rice mobiles... so how can "we" be jealous? our rides look better,
and we still smoke you in the 1/4(without spending $100,000 working
overtime in Subway) and take your girlfriends away, cuz you're too slow =)

#6 9-12-2002 @ 12:18:47 PM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Eclipsex? Bwahahahaaaa.... someone's a little too attached to his ride.

#7 9-19-2002 @ 03:49:08 AM
Posted By: KidKrash Reply | Edit | Del
Having purchased the ticket book and taking the time to issue them I find it cheap entertainment when I am out and about. I damn near pee my pants laughing as I issue a ticket (See tickets 105 & 108). Next time I will hang around and get a picture of the owners reaction. Maybe I will be lucky enough to engage them in conversation or even physical violence. At 6'4" and 250 lbs I doubt this will be the case. My own car isnt the fastest on the street but does have style and luxury not to mention fine German engineering.

#8 9-23-2002 @ 04:56:27 PM
Posted By: 64 Grand Prix Reply | Edit | Del
He talks so much about having money to spend on his subpar four cylinder, but did he remember to mention that his money was merely a donation from his father, like all rice boys? It's heartbreaking to know that so many people suffer from having a room temperature IQ. But, if people want to piss their money away trying to make something fast that can never be, who am I judge? Plenty of people smoke crack, too.

#9 9-28-2002 @ 03:56:11 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
It is a shame to see so many good cars ruined by morons.

#10 10-08-2002 @ 03:18:31 PM
Posted By: MightyJoeStalin Reply | Edit | Del
I think that putting money in to such a horrid abomination constitutes this ricer as being a loser. I mean really how much can all those extra plastic pieces and stickers actually cost.

#11 10-08-2002 @ 03:40:35 PM
Posted By: Shaggy Reply | Edit | Del
Wow, I didn't realize that you had to spend so much money to make a car "fast!" I mean, really, all the plastic and stickers you put on your car, it all adds up to more horsepower, right?!

#12 4-17-2003 @ 01:27:57 AM
Posted By: Bronze Reply | Edit | Del
Why the hell is it that ricers can't spell "probably"?

#13 10-25-2004 @ 07:50:49 PM
Posted By: ricehater000 Reply | Edit | Del
Ricers really cant spell at all. I read almost all the mail.

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