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From: beena19@hotmail.com      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:41:02 Comments: 119 (Read/Post)
You guys are the biggest bunch of cum guzzling gutter sluts I've ever come across. You know damn well that these ricemobiles are perfectly capable of 5-600hp figures and with their lightweight could spank many gas slurping ugly v8's. At least these people have some character. Sure anyone can drive down the road and see a cobra and say that shits fast, but that is the fun of having a fast import. Surprising people with a fast turbo 4 cylinder. To all those who don't like carbon fiber hoods, bite deez. You all have bad taste for hunky jacked up overweight cars that are only fun on a strip because they can't handle worth a shit. If I had 40,000 dollars to spend on a car I"d buy a early 90's civic hatchback and get about 500 hp out of it and make it look way better and faster than a fuckin mustang cobra for the same price. Hell I could convert the shit to rear wheel drive to for that price. Just thought I'd give you rednecks a piece of my mind. Tomorrow you can bad mouth me all you want and fly your confederate flags high with your stubborn American pride. Haven't you learned that everything else made in America is not worth crap.

If you spent $40,000 on an early 90's Civic you would be a colossal idiot and nothing more. By the way, this is exhibit 923093.
Posted by: Trooper


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#81 4-03-2002 @ 10:07:06 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
anyway, if you ever get it up on a lift, take a picture for us. This I gotta see...

#82 4-03-2002 @ 11:59:52 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
Skid: You seem to have missed that I don't care how fast a car is between stoplights. Big deal. "Street racing"? Please. Bottom line is that unless you've got a McLaren F1 in your garage you're 2nd rung at best.

RPM has everything to do with horsepower. In fact, it's one of only two numbers in the calculation. Torque and Revs. That's why you see serious race motors sacrifice stroke (torque) for the increased rev ceiling that this provides?

You may be right about the 340, I don't know. I wasn't disputing that there might be a few high revving v-8s out there. My point was that 8K (let alone 12K) is not normal V-8 territorry. Check the stroke on the 340...I bet it's shorter than most other engines that size, and has less peak torque.

CRXguy: Are you sure there's a stock 327 out there that will rev to 8K? My family is Corvette crazy and I've seen my share of 60s vintage cars. I don't think any of them would run more than 7K. Not arguing, just curious.

#83 4-04-2002 @ 12:05:20 AM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
U8: That's nutty...and I'm impressed that you would spend that kind of effort for kicks.

Before computer controlled driver aids were banned in F1 (mid 90s) many teams ran a similar system on their cars to trim out the wing down the straight. That should be validation enough that your idea works when applied properly.

#84 4-04-2002 @ 12:19:32 AM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
I'm not too sure about completely stock 327s, but I'm sure it's possible. the factory con-rods are really the only thing holding the engine back. You could probably get a full stock 327 to rev at 8000 for a bit, but with good aftermarket con rods, it's no big deal. See, when chevy made the 350 out of the 327, they increased the size of the rod journals big time, and it fucked up the rod:stroke ratio, as well as the strength of the rods. The 327 has a much better rod:stroke ratio, which equals higher revs.

(edit) and that's why I like the 327 more than the 350.

[Edited by CRXtrackguy on 4-04-2002 @ 12:21:04 AM]

#85 4-04-2002 @ 12:20:23 AM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
oh, and my Katana redlines at 14000rpm, rev limiter is 17000. 750cc.

#86 4-04-2002 @ 02:27:58 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
I am not a rice boy.I'm not interested in the whole body kit thing unless it's Hondas Optional kit which compliments the stock body lines.Performance is what I prefer.I know about the exaust system things.if I were to build up a civic naturally aspirated I would go with at best a 2.25 inch system because that way I wouldn't lose the torque and if i were to go turbo I would use a 3 inch exaust syatem to help spool the turbo faster thus getting better punch off the line.I know that much.I'm no car genius but I'm not completely stupid either.Actually I don't have a spoiler or a "fart pipe" on my car it's a 1992 Chevy Corsica that my dad (may he rest in peace) bought for me and my brother so we can get to college and I'm not going to let him down either.I may be getting a new car withing a year and I'm seriously considering the Acura RSX Type S based on the fact that I love Acuras.And the fact it's got a pretty damn good hp to weight ratio.

#87 4-04-2002 @ 12:10:34 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
it really does, its got a styling effect to it also. Just enough to look good but not so much as to be annoying.

#88 4-04-2002 @ 12:14:26 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
CRX- ill try ta get it up on a lift and snap a pic, its a 94 and FWD stock, if it was AWD i woulda kept it. Woulda saved me and my bro alotta trouble ill tell ya that.

#89 4-04-2002 @ 04:58:45 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
sokitset- I think you've missed the entire point of modifying a car. You don't build a car to be the fastest car in the world. McLaren F1? Blah Blah. Any skeezix with a couple of million to blow can buy one. It takes actual skill to build a fast car, whether it can outrun some "Supercar" or not. BTW, if you don't like modified cars, fine. But we don't judge rice by your standards, we judge them by the standards of the owners. And if they are racers, they should consider performance their biggest factor. Even if they aren't racers, they shouldn't run around trying to make their car look faster than it really is.

#90 4-04-2002 @ 06:33:43 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
exactly skid...i mean i've probably got more of a riced out car than anyone ive ran across on this site...(not bragging if thats how you enterpreded that) but would anyone know by the way i act? i think everyone says that ricers ahve attitudes and talk in ghetto (yo) stereotypical...but people gotta learn to respect peoples opinons and look at them for what they ARE, not what they HAVE.

#91 4-04-2002 @ 10:53:45 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
It takes actual skill to build a fast car? What skills are those? Wrench turning and reading magazines? It might require a lot of work and $$, but it doesn't take a lot of imagination. ...U8 seems to have some synapses firing however. I'm guessing he's the exception, not the rule.

I didn't come here for a fight. Skid and U8 have really just restated my original message. It's not fair to knock "ricers" because they have goofy cars. That's a matter of taste, like music or humor or clothes. Let's jab them because they think it matters.

What I've seen on this site are a lot of people who REALLY think it matters but have chosen different platforms. In my view they're all on the same side of the fence. Dumb and Dumber.

#92 4-05-2002 @ 08:24:30 AM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
It takes skill to make a car faster. There's more to making a car faster than turning a wrench. I more than doubled the output of my eclipse, using nothing more than my ingenuity, creativity, quite a few aftermarket parts, and mechanical skill. Working out a suspension takes skill and math skills, and programming a fuel map takes much the same. I don't see why you think that a car has to be the fastest in the world to count. I was damn proud of my 11-second eclipse, and I was impressed with the results of my work. Sure, there are cars that are faster, but my eclipse was mine. None of us here will ever own a Mclaren F1, or a Top Fuel dragger, so why do you think that we should be compared to those? We don't own supercars, and we never will. We have to make do with what we can, and like Skid said, you're missing the entire point of modifying a car. I modify my cars to make them more "mine," to make them more personal, to make them a bit quicker. I modify my cars because I enjoy doing it.

#93 4-05-2002 @ 12:55:45 PM
Posted By: BigL350 Reply | Edit | Del
If you can't understand why people modify their car's, you're really a joyless MFer. Whenever anyone builds a car, it's a culmination of their skills, hands-on technical or otherwise, and their imagination. That's why there are a lot of people who hate ricers, a great deal of whom are owners of modified imports. It's not easy to put together a combination of parts that all work together. I did tons of reseach before choosing parts for the motor in my car and also in choosing driveline and suspension components. There are tons of clueless Aholes that put a bunch of parts into their car's, not knowing how everything works, and have slow undriveable pieces of crap, ricers and domestic owners alike. As for the high RPM being better argument, that's a total crap unless you're dealing with track only race car's. In 69 when Chevy offered both the 302, big bore, short stroke and high reving, and the 350, same bore but more stroke, but still and oversquare motor, the 350 was faster.

#94 4-05-2002 @ 05:46:16 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
Guys: Are you listening to yourselves? You're saying the same thing I am. Read the last 3 sentences in CRXs post. I never said people shouldn't mod their cars. I never said wanting to go fast was dumb. I like speed too, I understand the attraction.

I HAVE said that I thought it was hypocritical to hack on people who mod their cars when you're doing it too. I HAVE ALSO said that anyone who thinks they're "better" becasue their car is faster is a complete tool box.

The RPM disscussion started when someone posted that stock V-8s run in the 8K-12K range. I simply tried to correct the misconception. Scroll back through my posts, I don't think you'll disagree with what I've said. 302 vs. 350...I stated that RPM was 1 of 2 values in the HP calculation. Torque is the other. The 350 has a longer stroke (more torque) AND it benefits from 15% more displacement (more torque). Cubes being equal, RPM is the road to speed. If it wasn't all race cars would be diesels.

#95 4-05-2002 @ 05:48:05 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
WHy do so many people seem to miss the point here?

This site does NOT exsist to make fun of people who modify thier cars, modding a car for speed, for looks, or just for fun, is appreciated if done tastefully, and makes your car YOURS, unlike the thousands or tens of thousands that came off the line right before and after it. It's your little way of telling the world, I'm not a sheep, and I'm at least a bit inclined artisticaly/mechanicaly

This site DOES NOT exsist to make fun of 4 cyl cars, or import cars, or muscle cars, or any one make or model. Every car has a purpose, a 4 banger honda accord is not meant to compete on a drag strip against a Big Block V8 Trans Am, those two engines/cars are for two totally different purposes, and owning one does not mean you cannot/should not appreciate the other for what it's worth

This site DOES EXSIST to get a laugh at those who have no taste/skill in car modifying, but have the additude that their car is superior to everyone elses.

#96 4-05-2002 @ 05:49:17 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Remember, IMHO, 99% of ricing is attitude, a very obnoxious one too

#97 4-05-2002 @ 05:53:12 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
if the riciest car in the world was driven by a guy with a good sense of humor, we would kinda like it, because we know that the guy doens't take himself too seriously. you see that if you read the posts, the comments on some cars are like, He's got a sense of humor, which makes it better. Ricing is mostly additude. U-8 may have an aluminum wing, but he's no ricer. I may have had an eclipse that I felt could beat most stock (emphasis on stock) or lightly tuned v8s, but I don't think I'm a ricer.

#98 4-05-2002 @ 08:21:26 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
Now CorsicaRacer25 point IQ is a ricer even though he drives a stock Corsica. He's got a ricer attitude.

[Edited by DiRF on 4-05-2002 @ 08:28:22 PM]

#99 4-06-2002 @ 01:53:05 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
What the hell?Based on what?Just because I prefer Japanese cars and don't know as much about cars as you does that really make me a "Ricer"?

#100 4-06-2002 @ 01:58:08 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
And that's not what the "C" stands for.

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