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From: beena19@hotmail.com      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:41:02 Comments: 119 (Read/Post)
You guys are the biggest bunch of cum guzzling gutter sluts I've ever come across. You know damn well that these ricemobiles are perfectly capable of 5-600hp figures and with their lightweight could spank many gas slurping ugly v8's. At least these people have some character. Sure anyone can drive down the road and see a cobra and say that shits fast, but that is the fun of having a fast import. Surprising people with a fast turbo 4 cylinder. To all those who don't like carbon fiber hoods, bite deez. You all have bad taste for hunky jacked up overweight cars that are only fun on a strip because they can't handle worth a shit. If I had 40,000 dollars to spend on a car I"d buy a early 90's civic hatchback and get about 500 hp out of it and make it look way better and faster than a fuckin mustang cobra for the same price. Hell I could convert the shit to rear wheel drive to for that price. Just thought I'd give you rednecks a piece of my mind. Tomorrow you can bad mouth me all you want and fly your confederate flags high with your stubborn American pride. Haven't you learned that everything else made in America is not worth crap.

If you spent $40,000 on an early 90's Civic you would be a colossal idiot and nothing more. By the way, this is exhibit 923093.
Posted by: Trooper


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#61 3-31-2002 @ 04:39:04 PM
Posted By: 89_formula Reply | Edit | Del
Let's see...I live about 60 miles south of the Canadian border, Don't have a mullet, But do have an F-body. What's that make me?

#62 3-31-2002 @ 04:58:38 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
lol. chrome plated kazoo. i'm going to steal that.

#63 3-31-2002 @ 08:34:38 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del

#64 4-01-2002 @ 03:40:41 PM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
I also like the Chrome Plated Kazoo!!! very original and accurate description of a fart pipe! :-)

#65 4-01-2002 @ 04:16:19 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
ahhh i see now

#66 4-02-2002 @ 06:35:56 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
I'm still waiting for someone to tell me why $5000 into a Camaro is less ridiculous that $5000 into some 4 door import. I guess I'm playing devil's advocate. The only reasonable answer is "I like my car this way" (or "it gets me laid" might work too). Trying to justify "performance" parts on any cr that will never see the track is a losing battle. It's faster...so what? Can you drive it? We'd all be better off if that money was spent on driving schools. You might be surprised how much more you can get out of your car, as is, if you know what you're doing.

#67 4-02-2002 @ 06:56:12 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
On RPM: I don't know of any stock V-8 that will safely run 8K, let alone 12K. The rev limit on the Honda S2000 is crazy, for a car, and the computer takes over somewhere around 9300. Small displacement sport bikes (600cc) are bumping into 15K territory. Some F1 motors are reportedly spinning 19K (incredible...only possible with unconventional valve actuation).

Does anyone know if Top Fuel NHRA cars are even spinning 10K? Maybe, but those motors are good for about 1000 revolutions under load and then they're toast.

#68 4-02-2002 @ 08:27:43 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
well put a 4 door import with 5000 under it up against a top fuel on a track...hm ok..even if the motors only last a couple races i think the guy in the top fuel would most likely "get laid"...no imports here sorry

#69 4-02-2002 @ 08:28:41 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
top fuels are spinning only at about 4500 at idle speed but can jump to 9 or 10, sometimes even 12k at top revs

#70 4-02-2002 @ 08:40:01 PM
Posted By: Lebo Reply | Edit | Del
at a friends shop, they "smuggled" in a Honda from Japan. full factory race car, the engine revs to 14k, I thought that was pretty cool...

#71 4-02-2002 @ 09:22:43 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
thats pretty nice, some stock Opels run up in the 14k range

#72 4-02-2002 @ 10:49:42 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
The Top Fuel car is faster than a modded import, yes...my point is still "so what?". What have you gained if you "race" from a stop light and get to the next one first? Is that how you're determining your self worth? How much pride can you have in something you didn't create? Sure, you spent some money, removed some fasteners, replaced or added some parts...that's all very impressive. I'm humbled.

Listen, I think the wing and muffler crowd is as retarded as the rest of you do. When the owners of these cars try to justify the mods with "my car will kick your car's ass" comments I laugh right along with you. However, I think it's just as dumb when someone with a Camaro (or whatever) comes back at them with a "that's not cool, THIS is cool" comment. Great, now you're both retarded.

...but I'll be part of the gang, hows this? My bone stock 2K Prelude will run 200K miles with very little maintenance!!! YEAH BABY!!! (now I can afford to do some REAL racing, where it counts)

#73 4-03-2002 @ 02:06:25 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
Good point sokitset.The RSX Type S motor is supposed to last 100k miles with out one scheduled tune up!I find that to be very comforting as I am considering buying it in the farely recent future.To all the impot haters out there.The whole wing thing is totally overrated unless it's absolutely needed.The muffler thing is kinda cheesy since the midpipe is still a restriction.I think if someone puts on a muffler only they just want the sound but not the performance that comes from a catback exaust.The only exterior mod you'll see on my car as soon as I get it,(it's a long story I'd rather not go into it right now) will be the Honda Optional Equipment body kit because it looks good as much as I hate to admit it.And an upgraded exaust(full exaust mind you) is it.Everything else will be under the hood and the possible electronics on the dash ond so on based on my engine modifications at the moment.Damn,I wrote a lot!That's it for now.Peace!

#74 4-03-2002 @ 09:38:04 AM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
of course sokitset, i understnad what you're saying - two diffrent people arguing about whos car can kick whos ass, and that the guy with the camaro (or what ever) is just as guilty of bein a dip. I don't think wings are dumb, quite the contrary..i haven't relased this yet in fear of being "labelled" a ricer but i drive a 94 eclipse...and its not quite all stock. I have a very expensive (not justifing my worth with money whatsoever) aluminum wing - yes, the racing style ones. I have a set of SSR five spoke flat white racing rims 17" and a complete Kustom bod kit (i couldn't find one for a 94 eclipse so I had a custom one made at my brothers body shop) looks quite nice. I had it professionally dropped 3 inches in the front and 4 in the back, and im workin on gettin a set of airbags. But under the hood :D she growls with a 2.0 crate engine as opossed to the lil 1.8 stocker. We (me and my bro) bolted in a turbo, and conected up 2 stage NOS with a 40 oz bottle in the trunk.

#75 4-03-2002 @ 12:38:00 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
U-8_DUST...Assuming the wing you have generates downforce (and it sounds like it's capable) are you aware that it is actually reducing your front end grip? The loss is proportional to speed and could be as much as 4-5% depending on its efficiency, location and your spring rates. This applies whether you have the all wheel drive model or not. My experience is that these higher powered front drive cars (including my Prelude) have terrible understeer as it is. Unless you're planning on bolting one of those wings to your hood too you're better off without it.

The wing also acts like a parachute, hindering your acceleration and top end. The only real benefit you're seeing is moving of the aerodynamic center of pressure rearward, which keeps the car stable, in a straight line, at high speeds, but again makes it harder to turn.

If you like it, that's cool.

#76 4-03-2002 @ 01:57:49 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
i see what you're saying and i respect it and alot of people have told me this also...until i show em what i did to the "shelve":D shelve being the slanted plate. my wing has two side plates that have been "adapted" slightly to fit just what you were talking about...ok just to clear it up though i had my eclipse converted to rear wheel..thats why i put a wing on in the first place, but anyway me and my brother worked out a system on a CAD application that goes like this: The wing is designed to increase the "pad" or surface area of the rear tires upon acceleration (im sure you knew that) but the problem with that is like you said, bad top end and such. but i figure the way to solve that would be a flat wing...but..then no accel and it would be pointless. So we came up with a "moving wing". a wing that uses a complexity of springs "cams" if you wanna call them. What happens is the wing starts out in a predefined slanted position (mean while this is all controlled (gotta start new)-

#77 4-03-2002 @ 02:04:00 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
by software on a laptop (thanks fast and furious:P ) and as i accelerate i get very good rear traction (duh) and as the car accellerates the wing fans out and becomes flatter and flatter as the speed increases..this took ALOT of testing to make sure when i didnt brake suddenly that the wing tore off. so thats basically how it works, the computer controls the wing degrees as accel increases and i dont have the "lift" on the front wheels at high speeds, that inhibits steering. get it? It took a while to fabricate and actaully install, alot of custom software was written for this and i belive this is one of my best inventions.

#78 4-03-2002 @ 05:02:54 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
Sokitset...considering most ricers are either street racers are street racer wannabes, I think performance should be very important. In which case, 5 large in a Camaro will get you more than 5 large in a Honda. About high rpms....what the hell difference does that make? A Honda S2000 can spin well over 9000 rpm, and they don't even run 13 second quarters (and don't try to tell me that there's other performance than in a straight line, because high rpms don't improve your stopping or handling). Oh, and the 8000 rpm V8? Try the Chrylsler 340 small block.

#79 4-03-2002 @ 10:01:01 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
another good 8000rpm capable v8 is the venerable 327. You need good rods and pistons, but otherwise it'll take the load, easy.

#80 4-03-2002 @ 10:06:30 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
say U8. I'm assuming that your eclipse's RWD was based on the AWD system? How exactly did you sort that out? I suppose you rewrote the computer that controls torque distribution to send all of the power to the rear wheels and then removed the front half-shalfs, but I don't understand why you didn't just leave it AWD. If it was AWD, it would probably perform better. So I'm guessing you did a RWD conversion differently, and I'm not sure how. Did you custom fab the engine compartment and turn the engine (is it a 4G63? or what?) 90 degrees, and then install some RWD components, like from a Lancer or something?

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