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From: beena19@hotmail.com      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:41:02 Comments: 119 (Read/Post)
You guys are the biggest bunch of cum guzzling gutter sluts I've ever come across. You know damn well that these ricemobiles are perfectly capable of 5-600hp figures and with their lightweight could spank many gas slurping ugly v8's. At least these people have some character. Sure anyone can drive down the road and see a cobra and say that shits fast, but that is the fun of having a fast import. Surprising people with a fast turbo 4 cylinder. To all those who don't like carbon fiber hoods, bite deez. You all have bad taste for hunky jacked up overweight cars that are only fun on a strip because they can't handle worth a shit. If I had 40,000 dollars to spend on a car I"d buy a early 90's civic hatchback and get about 500 hp out of it and make it look way better and faster than a fuckin mustang cobra for the same price. Hell I could convert the shit to rear wheel drive to for that price. Just thought I'd give you rednecks a piece of my mind. Tomorrow you can bad mouth me all you want and fly your confederate flags high with your stubborn American pride. Haven't you learned that everything else made in America is not worth crap.

If you spent $40,000 on an early 90's Civic you would be a colossal idiot and nothing more. By the way, this is exhibit 923093.
Posted by: Trooper


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#41 3-26-2002 @ 10:15:23 PM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
LOL..ahh.. thanks.. I think.. =)

#42 3-28-2002 @ 11:25:56 PM
Posted By: sokitset Reply | Edit | Del
Can someone please explain how these mods make sense on ANY car that is going to spend its life on the street as a daily driver? It's a pretty hard position to defend regardless of what you're driving.

In other words, is dumping $5000 into a 98 Accord 4-door more ridiculous than $5000 into a 98 Camaro?

Mullets are funny AND retarded. ...sorry, couldn't help myself.

#43 3-29-2002 @ 11:03:16 PM
Posted By: ny4x4 Reply | Edit | Del
well if i dumped $5000 into a camaro id have (asssuming the car price didnt have to come from the $5000) A: a fast car B: the possiblity of having a fast convertable(or my personal favorite t-tops) C: an exhaust tone that wouldnt sound like a rabid lawnmower

#44 3-30-2002 @ 02:44:30 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
The engine is what determines the exaust sound not the muffler.Put a "fart Pipe on a camaro and see what it sounds like.

#45 3-30-2002 @ 02:45:09 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
besides,don't you know.larger diameter piping equals more horsepower?

#46 3-30-2002 @ 09:49:36 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Not if you only do the last 5 inches of pipe like Riceboy does. You need an entirely redone exhaust system, headers, pipes, mufflers, and it's not the muffler it's the engine that gives a car it's sound. Go to a racetrack sometime that has a 8cyl, 6cyl, and 4cyl divison, each engine sounds a different tone w/o a muffler. a 350 chevy SB with no muffler doesn't fart, it roars

#47 3-30-2002 @ 10:59:41 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
CRacer25 you sound like a Rice Boy to me, which is good cause now we can educate you. This may be your chance to reform yourself and take that exhaust tip and wing off your car...... Yes it is the engine that determines the sound, it's those fart tips that make it louder. Like Low-Tech said 8 cyl. roar because of their larger size, 4 cyl are high and whiny cause they are smaller are because, those 4 cylinders go at a much higher RPM than an 8 cyl. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but nearly all 8 cyl. redline is only in the 6-8000 range, they have some imports that redline at 12-14000 RPM's, thats why it's a different sound, you have higher RPM's cause of less cylinders. 6 cyl are a medium, they will sound pretty good at cruising speeds, but when you get on it, it's get more whiny, not as bad a 4 cyl, though.

Oh and BTW, actually big ass exhaust pipes on a stock Honda Civic can actually lose you horsepower, somtimes you will get back pressure, this causes exhaust to go back into the

#48 3-30-2002 @ 11:00:26 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
engine, and that's not good for your car, it's also counterproductive to horsepower since the exhaust going out has to work against exhaust coming back in.

#49 3-30-2002 @ 01:37:45 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
ok. let me bring it down for the ricers present. a limited amount of backpressure is a GOOD THING! all engines, (although smaller ones more so) depend on a certain minimum amount of backpressure to keep the valves from floating like balloons. Increasing the size of the exaust system is only useful when combined with other power increasing upgrades. You make power by burning gasoline. The more gasoline you burn, the more power you make, and the more exhaust you produce. Increasing the size or decreasing the resistance of an exhaust system (or both) on a stock engine combines to reduce backpressure to a point where the engine may not run very well. Headers and high-flow mufflers reduce backpressure, reducing resistance on the exhaust flow, and allowing higher power. However, a certain minimum amount of resistance is needed to keep the engine running.
CRacer: If you were to put a fart canister on a Camaro, it would sound like most other camaros with low resistance mufflers. (more)

#50 3-30-2002 @ 01:44:41 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
The higher output from the camaro would equal a greater amount of exhaust flow than the muffler is designed to deal with, and would result in a loud exhaust tone. Also, as Firebird said, you have to increase all of the exhaust system's size to see any power gain. A 3" cat-back system bolted to an exhaust system that is 1 1/2" before the catalytic converter will not make power from the larger piping, only from the low-resistance muffler.
Firebird: 12,000-14,000 rpms is beyond the reach of most car engines. That's Formula 1 and motorcycle territory. Also, a "fart canister" is not equivalent to a glasspack muffler in most cases. As an experienced racer, I can tell you that you wouldn't believe how incredibly loud and powerful 96 cubic inches (1.6 liters) of uncorked honda can sound at high rpms. The fart sound is half muffler design, and half engine size. Most fart canisters (the good ones, the actual performance ones (GReddy, HKS, Tanabe, etc)) are low resistance mufflers, same (more)

#51 3-30-2002 @ 01:46:20 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
as a 2-Chamber flowmaster is a performance muffler. Less baffling equals more power, but also a louder exhaust tone. The reason for the fart sound is simply the lower displacement of the motor.

#52 3-30-2002 @ 01:57:04 PM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
So I was wrong, oh well, we can't all be right. But I think 12,000 is possible, I'll have to look and see if I can find what kind of car that was....

#53 3-30-2002 @ 03:10:28 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
hahahahahahahha oh my god i laughed for about a half hour after i red this guys message. Boy hes callin us rednecks? Has anyone noticed the vocab level of this guy? Like 6th grade? If your so into ricers then why don't you shut your mouth and put your "40,000" dollars where your mouth is, cause ya know what? you aint never gonna get it:) happy birthday man, i got you a paperclip, that puts your net worth up to about, ohhhh....40 cents or so.

#54 3-31-2002 @ 04:01:08 AM
Posted By: I_Love_Ricers Reply | Edit | Del
ok... why the hell would any idiot pay 45,000 to buy a shitty honda civic and screw it up? you can buy some pretty sweet used cars with better performance for the same price... but oh wait... they're american... or italian... nevermind let's go shoot ourselves for being anti-japanese assholes

second, and more important: if you dan't want to be made fun of, don't have a mullet... vertainly doens't help with women... and they don't add HP to your car... (lol... but maybe the ricers should try it anway)

third: ok really now.... how many of us are actually rednecks? you'll notice everyone knows a lot more about cars than a ricerboy does... and..... most of you race..... i think even the rednecks would have a hard time racing on a skinny dirt road

#55 3-31-2002 @ 02:14:09 PM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
I'm at least at little redneck. But I fail to see what's wrong with that, maybe the world would be a better place if it where a little more redneck...ok well probably not. But I'm proud to turn up Kid Rock and fly the confederate flag, but only maybe every other weekend....
You know why alot of people hate mullets and F-bodies so much, well I'm guessing that at at least one point in there life a guy with a mullet and those pilot style sunglasses pulled up in his Trans-Am (with heavy metal blarin' of course), got out, and preceeded to whoop their ass. Maybe cause they had actually doen something, maybe because the guy enjoys beating the hell out of people, or maybe cause he's a mullet wearing badass and that guy's a skinny ricer punk. But who knows, I mean come on ever took a look at these ricers? The ones I see around here aren't the toughest people in the world.

#56 3-31-2002 @ 02:53:18 PM
Posted By: I_Love_Ricers Reply | Edit | Del
hmmm...... well, i keep my views on mullets..... but i do like f-bodies... dont' get me wrong on that

#57 3-31-2002 @ 03:57:23 PM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
I drive a damn fast 1970 Mustang, I love Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock, I live in Oklahoma, I've been known to do the rebel yell as I pull away from someone in a drag race... okay, yeah, I guess I'm a little redneck.

#58 3-31-2002 @ 04:01:28 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
this is strange...im not a redneck and i have an eclipse and no ones yelled at me yet...is it that we're so into our point we cant notice others??....

#59 3-31-2002 @ 04:02:41 PM
Posted By: U-8-DUST Reply | Edit | Del
and yes i give out tickets!

#60 3-31-2002 @ 04:36:25 PM
Posted By: BigL350 Reply | Edit | Del
I'd like to start by clarifying the "backpressure" issue. The word backpressure is misleading. Exhaust scavenging and harmonics are what's affected by exhaust tubing size. When the exhaust gas is pushed out of the exhaust valve by the piston it gues throught the exhaust system at a certain velocity creating an area of low pressure behind it. Like a siphon, the lower pressure pulls exhaust gas out of the cylinder on the next exhaust stroke. This is called scavenging. If your exhaust tubing is too large, the exhaust charge has to push through too large of a volume of air and loses velocity, decreasing the scavenging effect, killing torque an horsepower. None of this applies to the average ricer exhaust. It's usually just the equivalent of a chrome plated kazoo. No offense to the import guys with a real exhaust system.

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