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From: beena19@hotmail.com      Posted On: 2004-06-14 18:41:02 Comments: 119 (Read/Post)
You guys are the biggest bunch of cum guzzling gutter sluts I've ever come across. You know damn well that these ricemobiles are perfectly capable of 5-600hp figures and with their lightweight could spank many gas slurping ugly v8's. At least these people have some character. Sure anyone can drive down the road and see a cobra and say that shits fast, but that is the fun of having a fast import. Surprising people with a fast turbo 4 cylinder. To all those who don't like carbon fiber hoods, bite deez. You all have bad taste for hunky jacked up overweight cars that are only fun on a strip because they can't handle worth a shit. If I had 40,000 dollars to spend on a car I"d buy a early 90's civic hatchback and get about 500 hp out of it and make it look way better and faster than a fuckin mustang cobra for the same price. Hell I could convert the shit to rear wheel drive to for that price. Just thought I'd give you rednecks a piece of my mind. Tomorrow you can bad mouth me all you want and fly your confederate flags high with your stubborn American pride. Haven't you learned that everything else made in America is not worth crap.

If you spent $40,000 on an early 90's Civic you would be a colossal idiot and nothing more. By the way, this is exhibit 923093.
Posted by: Trooper


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#101 4-06-2002 @ 10:45:42 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
I am tired of hearing about how badass McLauren F1's are. They aren't that fast. For probably that same money you could build a Top Fueler that would hand it it's ass. You can easily build something for far less that would be able to run with the F1. Even if I had the money to buy an F1 i sure as hell wouldn't. They are overrated and overpriced. By the way sokitset, you did say making cars was stupid because apparently it's pointless due to the awesome power of the F1....

#102 4-06-2002 @ 03:22:40 PM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
just for the record... the Porsche 911 GT2 actually handles better than the F-1. it also runs very close on 1/4 times... both cars run 11s! but the GT2 cost a 10th of what the F-1 does and will hand the F-1 its ass on a road course will the average driver behind the wheel of both cars!

#103 4-07-2002 @ 05:08:52 AM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
So, Sokitset, let me see if I've got your point straight: unless you can be the absolute best, there's no point in trying. Wow, real positive attitude there. Well, I'm not the absolute best at anything, so I might as well go shoot myself in the head. And you don't care how fast a car is between stoplights? Tough shit. We do. Don't like it? Find somewhere else to bitch and moan. And the McLaren runs 11s in the quarter? Really? I actually might have a chance at taking it in my Mustang, with under $20,000 invested! Yeah, it'd kick my ass in any other contest, but that's not what I built the 'Stang for. See, (prepare for a shocking new notion) some of us have different opinions on what's important than you do!

#104 4-07-2002 @ 08:40:16 AM
Posted By: Jesuz Reply | Edit | Del
6 pages!

#105 4-07-2002 @ 11:48:27 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87 Reply | Edit | Del
6 pages of stuff not worth reading.......

#106 4-07-2002 @ 01:16:07 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
go max!

#107 4-07-2002 @ 02:37:01 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
CRacer, you're not a ricer because you like Japanese cars. But I think some people are taking umbrage to the fact that anytime you see a musclecar, you say: "I think you guys would be surprised if you saw a fast import". When we post on cars like Supras and MR2s, we salute them for what they are, not compare them to an entirely different kind of performance car.

[Edited by Skid on 4-07-2002 @ 02:40:20 PM]

#108 4-07-2002 @ 07:52:45 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
Mclearen F1's are pathetic for the same price you could build a Winston Cup Stock Car and have money to damn near build another. Oh wait i may qualify as a redneck if i say stock car huh. well guess what i live in Maine so i would have to say not only southern boys like Stock Cars!

#109 4-07-2002 @ 09:27:01 PM
Posted By: Mindspynn Reply | Edit | Del
hey guys....I think I finally understand what sokitset was trying to say. I read the original post. He's wondering why we'd dump $5000 into a car if we're only using that particular car as a daily driver. Just to run errands. I want to do it(no $$$) because I can. I plan on doing as much of the work on my own as possible. I like working with my hands and building stuff. (I'm one of the few girls that do) When I get to drive my mom's mustang(however sucky it is) or my friend's Integra I can't help but floor it. I do most of my driving on highway 52 plus I have a radar detector so i have plenty of chances to race. I'm a speed deamon. =) If I could, I'd love to race in Winston Cup.(not gonna happen.) So basiclly, I'd do it for the fun of building it and for the fun of then racing it. (the speed has nothing to do with selfesteem for me.)

#110 4-07-2002 @ 10:12:22 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
so what you're saying, gumshoe, is that because there are cars that are faster than the Mclaren F1, it's a bad car? Are you saying you wouldn't take one? There is always something faster than you, but I'd rather have a Mclaren than 2 Winston Cup cars. I suppose it's all coming down to personal preference.

#111 4-07-2002 @ 11:24:02 PM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
Skid-I don't say that to anyone.As long as it's fast compared to it in stock form it's all good.

#112 4-08-2002 @ 12:12:23 AM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
I agree with CRXtrackguy here. I'd take the McLaren, because the only thing a Cup car is useful for is racing in Winston Cup, and I'm not a good enough driver to get in. Now, a McLaren F1, I could drive that on the streets. And to set the record straight, I believe you could build a lot more than two Winston Cup cars for the price of one McLaren F1.

#113 4-08-2002 @ 02:18:47 AM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
ok I put my $0.02 in once again! if I was going to buy a car for the price of the F-1 I'd get a C5-R! The car that Dale Earnhardt drove in the La Mans race at Daytona... the one Earnhardt drove did poorly but the Other Won the All around race which is Badass for a car in its lower class! I thin kthe car it beat was the Audi Prototype I'll have to check that part out! but the fact is that it beat cars that compete with the F-1 and could be had for much less!

#114 4-08-2002 @ 02:32:33 AM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
CRX.. I am not saying the F1 is bad car at all to be honest i would go quite aways just to drive one once (it's an marvel of engineering) . In fact i saw one once on the road in France and i almost crashed my rental car drooling over it. And yeah you could prolly build 3 or 4 Cup cars for the Price of the F1. However if i could afford one i think i would invest in P-51 or a Spitfire. due to the fact that they are around the same price and equally as rare these days.

#115 4-08-2002 @ 07:29:36 AM
Posted By: cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
Im Aussie so cut the crap. Im not a slut. Nor a cum whatever you call it. If I had 40 big ones Id get a holden V8 and make it a 8sec street car. And it would look stock. I would get all the looks etc. So get a dog up ya ricer.

#116 4-09-2002 @ 01:31:33 PM
Posted By: Metalhead Reply | Edit | Del
Man, 100 million sperm and HE was the fastest? What a loser.

#117 4-09-2002 @ 06:54:39 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
I guess you could say all people have been speed demons once in their lives, lol.

#118 4-15-2002 @ 07:09:24 PM
Posted By: twiger Reply | Edit | Del
I am from Canada and i can tell you that the rice vermin is spreading up north and i cannot believe that a normal person can have some pride by having a shit that sounds like a lawnmower and guzzles tons of money to gains just fews hp out of it.The letter sent by beena19 is just the proof for me that the majority of riceboys are just jerks and
wannabees who drives fast everywhere everytime and doesn`t care about others people`s life.I drive a mustang and i don`t consider me as a redneck so i blow those riceshits with class.

#119 2-01-2003 @ 11:01:06 PM
Posted By: wierdoslam Reply | Edit | Del
40k and he's only going to have 500hp?I see Chevy kits all the time that will make the same power for less than 5k!Coates engines puts out a setup that produced over 900hp normally aspirated for appx 15k in a streetable Mustang(not on thier site,but I found an article reviewing them).As long as we're"if I had 40k"racing like beena19,I could install a Coates system and turn my 76 TA into a race car with licence plates for the additional 25k.Such a low hp per $ probably means he has to pay someone else to do the work.

[Edited by wierdoslam on 2-01-2003 @ 11:06:18 PM]

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