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From: CWa9355477@aol.com      Posted On: 2004-06-10 23:32:08 Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
Hey fuck you little bitch. I f Catch near my car I will shoot. Its not my fault you cant afford a new import. Get a clue with you low tech pices of shit dumbestics. In the next couple of years nascar is going to be dominated by imports. Whens the last time you seen a american car when in the LEmans or in road racimng the don't you know why cause the suck

[2 minutes later this email was received from the same guy]

In case you din't get you homo fuck stay the fuck away from my car Or I will break your face. You fags think your so call putting peices of papers on peoples car. You and your butt buddys need to stay away from my car. Don't you thirteen year olds have some thing better to do. Go out and get laid or gett a job you dumb fucks, cause if I catch you neer my car I am going to smack and bend you over and sadmoize your punk bithc ass.

What will you shoot if you catch someone near your car? How many people have you shot so far? Do you shoot people that park next to you too? Are you some sort of crazed automotive serial killer bent on killing anyone that doesn't think your car is mAd tYt3?

Public Service Announcement:
Don't put "peices" of paper on Cwa9355477's car. It does not make you "call" and if you do he will either shoot you, break your face, or "sadmoize" you. So use your best judgment if you have psychically determined where CWa9355477 lives and what he drives.
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 9-23-2004 @ 05:53:07 PM
Posted By: lampshade Reply | Edit | Del
Funniest hatemail/reply EVER! End of story!

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