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From: Jeremy O.      Posted On: 2004-12-08 13:43:15 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
First of all, I must congratulate you. It is a brave holding action you are fighting, trying to stem the tide of consumer-driven mass marketed "culture" that defines most of the "rice boy" scene.

It must also be a thing to live in fear of all the badass homies who threaten to "pop a cap in yaz ass".

The following must be remembered as you read this: I have owned 16 cars, and only one of them was a domestic. Even now, I am rebuilding a 1980 Volvo 242GT.

Modifying inexpensive Japanese cars, if done correctly, is not necessarily a bad thing. In many ways it is similar to the original hot rodding days of the forties and fifties -- taking inexpensive, easy to find cars to individualize, personalize, and increase their performance. But like the "old school" scene, there are always idiots who will think that what they are doing is the end-all-and-be-all of the automotive world and that by slapping on a couple of decals and a wing their ride is now as fast as any car that is performance designed from the outset. In the Fifties it was JC Whitney, now it is APC.

I have some messages for any literate ricers who might read this fan mail:
a.. You Spend $10K on your Civic. It'll make it moderately faster. You might even bring the car's 1/4 time down to 14 seconds or so. And that's on top of the $9k you bought it for.
b.. I Spend 10K on a Mustang. For that price I will have a car that will not only do 11-second 1/4's, but will probably outhandle yours as well. Ever heard of Steeda? Saleen? Oh yeah -- I don't own a Mustang, so that $10k will include having to buy the car!
c.. Find your local SCCA or equivalent. Go to a Solo2 Autocross event. Get your doors blown off by every V8-powered car around a REALLY twisty course. In fact, get your doors blown off by guys in mildly modified Festivas. Then ask them what real performance modification is. About suspension setup, brake balancing and tire choice. About why big wings on street cars are pointless.About why you should NEVER mount a fire extinguisher to the firewall! (Mine's mounted in the passenger footwell). Or really risk your $2k, 500lb bodykit and enter a time-speed-distance rally.
Keep up the good work, Ricecoppers! I have some tickets downloaded, and ready to place...

Posted by: Trooper


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