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From: Zhang      Posted On: 2004-10-18 00:32:03 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Hi Trooper,
First of all, what a great site you have. I was directed to your site actually via a ticket on my Civic -- it has huge exhaust tip and altezza taillight. But to clarify, I actually got it (used) the way it was from an auction. Funny though, before I actually drove it for a while, I did not even know that it's "riced". I then actually was interested in how cars should be, and looked at sites about cars until I got ticketed by you guys (I'm more a computer geek than car-lover, but I do have "WTF NOOB" plate on it). I browsed your site, and it's quite educating. However, I still love the way my car looks -- it's not outrageously "ricely ugly" but it does look different from all the factory Civic out there.

Keep up the work.

Posted by: Trooper


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