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From: Aj Mason      Posted On: 2004-06-19 15:37:23 Comments: 22 (Read/Post)
ok ok first of all your site sux, i mean y'all think u are big and bad with your v8 peice of shit cars, all i have to say is come down to atlanta and i will kick the shit out of any of your v8's with my 3.0 twin turbo supra, after i beat all your shit cars u can then give up that shit site because u will know v8's suck!!!


OK ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok.. I can't believe you actually wrote y'all. Big fan of the country music channel? But seriously, I'm glad you took the time away from working on your groundbreaking quantum physics theories to write in. It's not often that we get someone of your incomprehensible intellect to write in to this site. You've presented a compelling argument here, let me summarize it for the people who may have had trouble understanding it in your scientific explanation above. Aj's argument: V8's suck. Did I miss anything there? I think I got it all but I'm not always that quick to catch on so if I missed any details please let me know. I don't see how someone could argue with a well thought out argument like that so I won't even try.

Oh yea, if any of you guys are ever in Atlanta look Aj up. I'm sure there's only one Aj Mason in the insane asylum.
Posted by: Trooper


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#21 2-26-2002 @ 07:52:06 AM
Posted By: ginsu417 Reply | Edit | Del
I have to agree with CRXtrackguy on that. TT Supras can push well over 800HP. Download a few dyno clips on Morpheus, if you don't believe me. AJ's argument is rather stupid, however. And I doubt he owns a supra TT. It's simple physics. If you can get that much power out of 6 cylinders, you can certainly get more than that out of 8. Whoever said less is more needs to start increasing his dosage.

#22 10-17-2005 @ 12:04:42 PM
Posted By: JDMhonda Reply | Edit | Del
ok v8 pos? maybe if he took the time to realize that we dont just rip on jap cars, but we do call american cars ricers too. i have a honda with a 1.6L buddy. tlk about small and i dont "pimp it out" with mexican writing

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