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From: Kendrick      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:48:53 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Hey Trooper,

I gotta hand it to you, you did a damn fine job with this website. I'll give it to you, I drive a potential rice-rocket (2002 Toyota Celica), but I bought it because it looks nice and it seems to fit me well. I thought about ricing it out but I realized how pointless that would be. I've started to notice more and more cars out there with pointless spoilers and messed up body kits, all painted the most awful of hues. Import or domestic, no car out there right now is immune to this recent trend and that's very sad. I'm going to school out here in Idaho (yeah, what the hell is out here anyway?) ... even here is pos Idaho the rice phenomenon has hit hard. I love driving around with my car and having these so-called tricked out Civics with their VTEC stickers, cut springs, clear tail lights, and Boeing 777 wings on their asses pull up at the light and then roll down their windows and shout "WANNA RACE?" What is this shit? Have they gone insane? When I don't rev up my engine (I have an automatic...oh, I can hear it now, you drive an AUTOMATIC sports car...fuck off, I come from Washington, DC, shifting up and down all the time doesn't work with that kind of traffic) they fart off the line, their egos a bit bigger, yes, they "beat" me ...

To all those idiots who are wasting their time and money, there's more to life than your car. So long as it has four wheels and can move, most people are content. Your Civic, Accord, Integra, CRX, or whatever, is like everyone elses, cheap. Your attempts at making it appear "fast" does nothing to your image but makes you look like a complete moron to everyone else. From all those who drive imports, like myself, you suck.

Keep up the good work Ricecops ... I hope I never find one of your tickets on my car, but if I ever do, I'll take it with pride.

Posted by: Trooper


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