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From: Josh      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:46:15 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
First off, I’d like to commend you on a great website. I spend a good deal of time laughing hysterically at the pictures of cars on this site. The hate mail comes in a close second as well. I’ll admit, I drive a Honda, a 93 Del Sol to be exact. But as for modifications, there are none. I don’t try to “race” it, I have it simply because Hondas are known for reliability. Isn’t that the purpose of a car you drive every day? To get you from point A to point B? Anyways, great site, thanks for getting me through hours of work.

Oh and a note for ricers. A 1967 VW Beetle, which you could buy for about… $3000, can be turned into a sub 10 second car. Think of all the money you put in your civic hatchbacks to try to get it to pull a 12 or 13. Spend half that money on engine modifications on a beetle and have money left over to spend on useful shit. But practicality doesn’t matter right? You have to have a “mad tite” car!

Haha, keep them ricers crying!

Posted by: Trooper


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