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From: Aaron      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:28:13 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
I just wandered on to your site today and had to bookmark it immediately. I would like to thank you for putting out some comical material that is reveleant to the current status of the SF Bay and the (unfortunately) the rest of the world.

After reading the hate mail section and taking the required laugh break, I realize just how funny the whole Rice situation is. There are people out there that really think people are jealous of cheap little cars.

As an added bonus, I work in a Toyota manufacturing plant, and would have to say that the cars are good quality, but not made to be race cars, show cars, or mAd Tyt3 cars. No these cars are made to make sik profitz from da yuppie gangstars.

Do you know how much it actually costs the factory to make a Honda Civic? If you guessed less than $5,000 US Dollars then you get a cookie. I'm sorry, but I just had to divulge this information in case there are still people out there worried about others being jealous of these import gems.

Keep up the great site!

Posted by: Trooper


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