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From: amanda      Posted On: 2004-06-14 19:25:15 Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
hey! i just thought i'd drop you an e-mail and say that i completely adore your site. these ricers don't know anything about style, or speed for that matter. whenever i hear a rice burner, it reminds me that i have to mow the grass. and what on earth are they thinking with the one windshield wiper thing? if they could only understand how stupid it really looks. oh, and just in case you post this, here's a message to all the little ricers out there: i can afford imports. in fact, i own two: a 2001 bmw m3 supercharged and a 2002 subaru wrx. i don't have ugly stickers all over them, i don't have a bookshelf wing, and i don't have blue or green blinkers...but yet i can run your ass into the ground. looks like those stickers that you wasted money on didn't add the 10hp that you were hoping, eh? *wink*

Posted by: Trooper


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